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Treasures for 'Rebellion'

When you rebel against the word from God (by not listening to Him), He will not listen to your prayer when you fall into trouble.Deuteronomy 1:43-45Deuteronomy 1:43-46Hinder Prayers, Discard God's Word, Rebellion
The son of a God-honoring leader may go opposite his father to become as much evil as his father was good.2 Kings 21:2-92 Kings 21children, disobedience, rebellion
People of God in rebellion against Him can live terribly unbecoming - to Christ - lives.Isaiah 9:18-21Isaiah 9:18-21God's people, unbecoming, lives, rebellion
Spiritual adultery - giving one's love and devotion to another god - against God is a terrible sin.Hosea 1:2Hosea 1:2gods, spiritual adultery, rebellion
Those who know the LORD but ignore Him will find their life difficult and dissatisfying.Hosea 2:6-7Hosea 2:6-13consequences, unbelief, rebellion