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Treasures for 'Promises'

God promised a Forever KING and Savior to those who look to Him as LORD.Psalm 89:3-4; 33-37Psalm 89:3-4; 33-37promises
God has promised to be strong on behalf of His people.Psalm 89:13Psalm 89:13promises
God has promised His presence and light to those who trust in Him.Psalm 89:15Psalm 89:15promises
God has promised to be faithful and merciful.Psalm 89:24Psalm 89:24promises
God has promised a relationship of Father / child with those who trust in Him.Psalm 89:26-27Psalm 89:26-27promises
God promises to hold His children accountable for their sins - while remaining faithful to His promises and merciful to His faith-born ones.Psalm 89:33-37Psalm 89:33-37promises
God's people can pray in faith based upon God's promises.Psalm 89:46-51Psalm 89:46-51promises