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Proclaim the good news of God's salvation from day to day.Psalm 96:2bPsalm 96:2proclaim, Good news, salvation, daily
"Every creature" - preach, proclaim, publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ (death, burial, resurrection, ascension) to every creature; rich & poor, tribal villages & cities, illiterate & literate, religious & nonreligious, uninterested & interested, old & young.Mark 16:15Mark 16:1-20proclaim, gospel, Jesus Christ
The proclaiming of the Gospel will be followed with these signs - cast out demons, speak new languages, handle snakes or drink poison without harm, lay nads on the sick and the sick will be made well.Mark 16:17-18Mark 16:1-20proclaim, gospel, signs
God has poured out His Spirit on many who know Him so they can be proclaimers of the Gospel, declaring God's Word - apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers.Acts 2:17-21Acts 2:17-21God's Word, Proclaim, Spiritual Gifts