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Treasures for 'Priorities'

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The offering we offer the LORD should be the best of our best-to-Him first.Numbers 18:29-32Numbers 18:29-32Offerings, Priorities, Surrender To God
Some things are of such importance and of such high priority God does them Himself - involving His people in the process.Deuteronomy 10:1-5Deuteronomy 10:1-9God Is Sovereign, God Works, Priorities
Those IN CHRIST should focus on (1) loving God, (2) trusting God, and (3) doing what God says.Deuteronomy 30:20Deuteronomy 30:20Abide In Christ, In Christ, Priorities
It is temporally and eternally worth it all to stay true to God's Word.Psalm 19:11Psalm 19:11Faithfulness, God's Word, Priorities
God's leading supersedes personal relationships - even when one is ill.2 Timothy 4:202 Timothy 4:19-22God's Will, Relationships, Priorities