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Treasures for 'Presence Of God'

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To all who are IN CHRIST the presence of the LORD is to be a sign of the filling of God's Spirit.Exodus 40:1-38Exodus 40:1-38Presence Of God, In Christ, Spirit-filled
God sometimes chooses to physically / materially manifest His presence for / to His people (here as an exclamation point) the glory of which is too much to bear.1 Kings 8:6-11 key 111 Kings 8:6-11revelation, presence of God, glory of God
The manifest presence of God (which comes to His children in close communion with Him) is conditioned on honoring God's Word with obedience by faith out of devotion to Him.1 Kings 9:3-91 Kings 9God's Word, intimacy with God, presence of God
The presence of God is to be sought, but not 'handled' or 'controlled' or 'manipulated' by men.1 Chronicles 13:1-141 Chronicles 13seek God, submission, presence of God
Dwelling in the conscious presence of God is not a passive activity.Psalm 15:1-5Psalm 15:1-5presence of God, Dwelling
When oppressed and emotionally beaten down, a Christ-follower should press into the presence of the LORD - for here he finds light, truth, and joy.Psalm 43:1-5Psalm 43:1-5Presence Of God, Burden, Press into God
Only those born of God can enter God's presence.Ezekiel 44:9, John 3:3-6Ezekiel 44:9rebirth, salvation, presence of God
Real life, satisfying life, and healthy multiplying life flow out from God's presence.Ezekiel 47:12, Psalm 16:11Ezekiel 47:1-12satisfaction, life, presence of God
The one great reality that makes a place holy is Jehovah Shammah - THE LORD IS THERE.Ezekiel 48:35Ezekiel 48:35seek God, consecration, presence of God
Those IN CHRIST who walk in a love relationship with the LORD - doing what He says - will experience the LORD manifesting Himself as He wills.John 14:21, 23John 14:21, 23love God, in Christ, presence of God
The obedient by faith experience an ongoing intimacy with the LORD.John 15:9-10John 15:9-10presence of God, obedience, intimacy with God