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Those who pray according to the will of God see God answer their prayer.Exodus 8:30-32, 1 John 5:14-15Exodus 8:30-32Prayer, Answered Prayer, Will Of God
On some subjects or matters God says to His faithful - even ones greatly used and widely popular - "I don't want you to ask (pray) Me about that matter again."Deuteronomy 3:24-26Deuteronomy 3:23-29Answers To Prayer, Prayer, Faithful
Some situations in a body of God's people can be so critical, so urgent a spiritual leader might be found fasting and praying to God with intercession for the body for 40 days consecutive.Deuteronomy 10:10Deuteronomy 10:10-13Prayer, Fasting, Spiritual Leaders
As the Levitical priests of Israel had no earthly inheritance given them by God - thus, trusted continually on God's provision - so, Christ-followers as intercessory priests (like Christ, Himself) have no earthly inheritance given them by God (but a heavenly inheritance is theirs) also trust continually on God and His provision.Deuteronomy 18:1-5Deuteronomy 18:1-8Prayer, Trust God
Sometimes appointed leaders among God's people make poor decisions because they fail to seek God and His input regarding the decisions.Joshua 9:14-15Joshua 9:1-27Leadership, Hear From God, Prayer
Our prayers should be based on the true nature, character, and expressed will of God.2 Kings 19:15-19 key 18-192 Kings 19God's character, God's will, prayer
Sometimes the LORD hears (receives) a righteous man's own prayers at death's door for extended life with an affirmative, gracious amount of years.2 Kings 20:1-62 Kings 20prayer, deliverance, desperation
God hears the prayers of those in right relationship to Himself.Psalm 4:3Psalm 4:3Relationship, God hears, prayer
Those who seek God in prayer must trust God.Psalm 4:5Psalm 4:5Seek God, trust, prayer
God will hear the prayer of His children who seek mercy of Him.Psalm 6:2Psalm 6:1-10God hears, prayer
Christ-followers can always call out to God based on His unfailing love.Psalm 6:4Psalm 6:4prayer, Unfailing love, God
Those who have learned of God in prayer know when He has 'heard' their prayer - committed to answer the prayer.Psalm 6:8,9Psalm 6:8,9prayer, Answered prayer
The prayer of a disciple is to be true or genuine in character.Psalm 17:1Psalm 17:1Genuine, disciple, character, prayer
It is fine to ask God to bless your evangelistic efforts.Psalm 67:1,2Psalm 67:1,2prayer, Bless, ask God, evangelism
A Christ-follower might pray, "Father, don't let my life be a barrier or hindrance to any other Christ-follower.Psalm 69:6Psalm 69:6Prayer, Hindrance, Stumbling Block
Our God is also personally involved with us - His creation and re-creation in Christ - through our prayers (calling out) and His answers to our prayers.Psalm 99:1-9Psalm 99:1-9answers, prayer, intimacy
Let those IN CHRIST who seek God's heart send up "clouds of incense" to the LORD - prayer upon prayers.Psalm 141:2Psalm 141:2Pray, Prayer, Incense
Christ-followers in idolatrous cultures must be men of prayer - gathering for prayer.Daniel 2:14-18Daniel 2:1-18Prayer, Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture
Those IN CHRIST who wholeheartedly seek wisdom and knowledge in the midst of a dark culture go to Him who has the Light and who grants revelation (lifting off of the cover).Daniel 2:19-23Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
Those IN CHRIST who would live God-honoring lives in an idolatrous culture will find themselves at times desperately (even to extend their lives desperate) seeking God in prayer even to know what otherwise is an absolute (unknown) secret.Daniel 2:17-19Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
The private prayer and devotion time of a Christ-follower living in the midst of an idolatrous culture is quite likely very important - even essential - to him or her in order to continually honor God for all of daily life.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Prayer, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
God interacts on a grace basis with the prayers of those IN CHRIST who walk intimately with Him.Daniel 9:20-22Daniel 9:20-27Prayer, Intimacy, God's Favor
Those who persevere in prayer to the LORD with brokenness, humility, and fasting - and a long life of integrity with obedience - will receive an answer from the LORD.Daniel 10:12Daniel 10:1-21seek God, prayer, persistence
The LORD may lead a small group of fully of fully dedicated followers surrounded by an idolatrous culture to engage in a corporate prayer and fasting event. Daniel 10:7-8Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Idolatrous Culture, Surrender
Prayer is essential in the lives of those who are fully dedicated in faithfulness, walking with the LORD.Daniel 10:2-3, Daniel 10:12Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Christ-followers, Faithful
Christ-followers are to pray for those who persecute them.Matthew 5:44Matthew 5:43-48prayer, Spiritual leadership
Private prayer is part of the relationship a Christ-followers has with God.Mark 1:35Mark 1:35believer, prayer, private
Private prayer at inconvenient times is part of a healthy walk with God.Mark 1:35Mark 1:35prayer, private prayer, walk with God
Private prayer may precede and follow public ministry.Mark 1:35Mark 1:35prayer, private prayer, ministry
Prayer is needed following a teaching time and huge ministry event - to help 'handle' potential temptations.Mark 6:45,46Mark 6:45,46alone, Prayer needed, prayer
A life marked by prayer is utterly important for a leader and a disciple.Mark 9:28,29Mark 9:28, 29disciple, prayer, spiritual leaders
Prayer - not merchandizing - is to be 'center stage' when Christ-followers gather.Mark 11:15-17Mark 11:15-17prayer, worship, Priority
Christ-followers must keep prayer and worship of the LORD preeminent when they gather.Mark 11:15-17Mark 11:15-17church, prayer, worship
Some praying takes us to our knees - literally.Mark 14:35Mark 14:35knees, prayer
Petitioning God should always include yielding to His will.Mark 14:36Mark 14:36prayer, Petition, God, yielding
Prayer and spiritual alertness can keep a disciple from falling to temptation.Mark 14:38, 1 Corinthians 10:13Mark 14:38Alert, falling, temptation, disciple, prayer
The LORD will answer the prayers of His disciples.Luke 18:8Luke 18:2-8prayer, Answered prayer, disciples
Asking is humbling - reveals humility in the heart and expresses dependency upon God.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14humble, ask, prayer
Asking the Father evidences trust - an act of faith believing you are asking acording to God's revealed will.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Asking is yielding - allowing the Father to choose how to answer and when to answer.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, prayer, yielding
Asking is believing Jesus went to sit at the Father's right hand.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Asking is believing Jesus still answers according to what will glorify His Father.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Asking is part of a Father/child relationship wherein there is (1) fear or respect of Father, (2) trust in the Father, (3) dependence upon the Father, (4) obedience in or rightness of relationship, and (5) intimate knowledge of the Father (know His heart, will, purposes).John 14:13-14John 14:13-14Father, ask, prayer
Asking is related to revelation - what the Father reveals (shows or says) one ask for as did Jesus with His Father.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14revelation, ask, prayer
Those who abide in Christ (intimately connected, unbroken fellowship, obedience, loving, surrender) and His Word abides in them (know the Word, in the Word, very familiar with the Word, honoring and doing the Word, receptive to the Word, submitted to the Word) may ask the Father for what they desire (thoroughly influenced by their relationship with Christ and impact of the Word) and what they ask will as a matter of fact BE.John 15:7John 15:1-27Prayer, God's Word, Intimacy
Because Jesus is at God's right hand and because the Holy Spirit reveals truth, guides, and speaks (tells) heavenly messages to disciples of Jesus, disciples of Jesus may ask the Father "whatever" IN ALL JESUS IS and the Father will indeed grant those requests SO THAT the joy and delight in the heart of the disciples comes to full measure (fills up, completed).John 16:23-24John 16:23-24prayer, joy, Holy Spirit
Jesus (at God's right hand) and the Holy Spirit (sent to each disciple) provide each disciple the perfect ASK opportunity.John 16:23-24John 16:23-24prayer, Christ, Holy Spirit
Disciples of Christ can ask OF THE FATHER through Jesus (at God's right hand) as Jesus asked the Father throughout His life - an open and intimate communion between Father and sons.John 16:23-24John 16:23-24ask, prayer, Christ-followers
Prayer comes before moving out in obedience to God.Acts 1:14Acts 1:14Precedes, obedience, prayer
There is a time in gathering of spiritual leaders - whether the leader or teacher - to fall to their knees in prayer - praying together humbly bowed before God.Acts 20:36Acts 20:36-38seek God, prayer, leaders
Fellow Christ-followers kneeling in prayer together can be a real sign of fellowship in the Spirit.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5fellowship, prayer, Spirit-led
After charging an up and coming spiritual leader to keep the message of the Gospel clear of error, a mentor exhorts him to be a man of prayer - encouraging him to stir others to all kinds of praying for all people (even leaders in society).1 Timothy 2:1-41 Timothy 2:1-4spiritual leaders, gospel, prayer
The body of Christ is to be a prayer force so the society is peaceful so the saving Gospel can be spread with more coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior.1 Timothy 2:1-41 Timothy 2:1-4spiritual leaders, gospel, prayer
Because God desires men to be saved, because God gave a Mediator (Jesus Christ), because the ransom has been paid for all, and because assigned ones are proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, spiritual leaders resolutely intend for men IN CHRIST to continue in prayer (two-way converse with God) in every place they go and gather - praying backed up by holy or set-apart life (without any anger or doubt toward God).1 Timothy 2:81 Timothy 2:8God's will, prayer, men
It is intended that men IN CHRIST with set-apart lives pray, pray, pray.1 Timothy 2:81 Timothy 2:8God's will, prayer, men
A committed, wise, and older mentor would do well to intercede night and day for his younger protégé(s) with specific, heart-felt petitions AND when led by the Spirit to encourage the protégé(s) by letting them know of his intercesions 'without intervals.'2 Timothy 1:32 Timothy 1:1-3prayer, spiritual leaders, disciples