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Treasures for 'Praise God'

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When two in a covenant relationship with God meet in service to God, they can relate to one another in a deep common bond of THAT RELATIONSHIP - it is a 'praise God' meeting.Genesis 14:18-24Genesis 14:18-24God's Servants, Covenant Relationship, Praise God
Praising God for fulfilling His Word may involve special offerings brought by all who will praise Him.Deuteronomy 26:1-20Deuteronomy 26:1-20offerings, Praise God, God's Word
It is God's righteousness (right acts) that brings forth praise from those whose heart is right toward God.Psalm 7:17Psalm 7:17Pure Heart, Praise God, God's Righteousness
Praise God when He defeats your enemies and overcomes the obstacles.Psalm 9:3-9Psalm 9:3-9Defeats, enemies, obstacles, Praise God
Those who seek the LORD will praise the LORD.Psalm 22:26Psalm 22:26seek God, Praise God
Songs of praise are to be sung with understanding - teach the people so they understand the praise toward God.Psalm 47:7Psalm 47:7Good Understanding, Praise God, Teach Others
Those who realize they are benefactors of God's mercy cannot help but praise God!Psalm 48:9-10Psalm 48:9-10God's Mercy, Christ-followers, Praise God
Christ-followers should shout and sing because of (1) God's work around them fulfilling His direction and (2) God's work IN them fulfilling His purposes in molding them into Christ's image.Psalm 66:1-7, Psalm 66:16-20, Philippians 4:19Psalm 66:1-20God's Purposes, Celebration, Praise God
Those who dwell in God's presence continue to praise God.Psalm 84:4Psalm 84:4God's Presence, Abide In Christ, Praise God
Bless the LORD from deep within your soul for ALL His benefits - all the grace upon grace He has extended to you IN CHRIST.Psalm 103:1-22Psalm 103:1-22God's Grace, In Christ, Praise God
Praise God for He is merciful.Psalm 106:44,45Psalm 106:44,45God is merciful, Praise God
God deserves praise everyday - especially from those humble ones who have been redeemed and share in His family.Psalm 113:1-9Psalm 113:1-9Family Of God, Praise God, Worship God
How easy it should be for those who know the LORD and have witnessed His nighty work all day to gather at night and praise Him.Psalm 134:1-3Psalm 134:1-3Mighty God, Night, Praise God
Praise God for His is good.Psalm 135:3Psalm 135:3God, good, Praise God
When Christ-followers serve others, God will be praised.Mark 2:12Mark 2:12service, Praise God