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Treasures for 'Personal Salvation'

It would be good if the redeemed of the LORD celebrated annually the personal PASSOVER the LORD brought them through their personal salvation; new birth.Exodus 13:10-16Exodus 13:1-16Redemption, Passover, Personal Salvation
When God delivers (saves) people from a sure destruction, He receives the glory.Exodus 14:17-31Exodus 14:17-31Deliverance, God's Glory, Personal Salvation
When God delivers each believer from darkness, death, and destruction by carrying us on eagles' wings, He brings us TO HIMSELF.Exodus 19:4Exodus 19:4God\'s Deliverance, God\'s Plan, Personal Salvation
All believers would do well to express gratitude to God - with an offering of some kind - for the salvation He has granted in fulfilling His Word.Deuteronomy 26:3-10Deuteronomy 26:3-10Freewill Offering, Gratitude, Personal Salvation
Those who know (by experience) God's salvation with forgiveness will give thanks to Him forever and show forth praise to God to the next generation.Psalm 79:8-9, Psalm 79:13Psalm 79:8-13God's Forgiveness, Personal Salvation, Thank God
Those who have experienced God's deliverance and salvation - even once - ought to fall in love with the LORD for the mercy He extended to them.Psalm 116:1Psalm 116:1-19Love God, God's Deliverance, Personal Salvation