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Treasures for 'Personal Relationship'

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Personal involvement in one's relationship with God is God's standard - not representative involvement.Leviticus 7:29-30Leviticus 7:29-30Relationship With The Lord, Involvement, Personal Relationship
Christ-followers are to avoid damaging or breaking relationships with neighbors - especially by falsely accusing them to others.Deuteronomy 5:20Deuteronomy 5:20-21Christ-followers, False Accusation, Personal Relationship
A new marriage relationship takes, requires, and benefits from an extended time of concentrated efforts to start right, lay a healthy pattern of relating, and establishing of the new household.Deuteronomy 24:5Deuteronomy 24:1-5Marriage, Personal Relationship, Husband Wife
Those outside of a personal relationship with God may call evil good and good evil.Isaiah 5:20Isaiah 5:20Evil, good, personal relationship
Christ-followers involved in doing God's will experience the family of God - all relatives IN CHRIST.Mark 3:33-35Mark 3:33-35Family Of God, In Christ, Personal Relationship
External conformity is SO inferior to a personal relationship with Jesus.Mark 7:1-8Mark 7:1-8Jesus, personal relationship, External conformity