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Treasures for 'Persecution'

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Those committed to unrighteousness are found to lash out with anger toward those committed to righteousness.Genesis 37:8Genesis 37:1-8Persecution, Righteous, Unrighteous
In the day of trouble, oppression, and persecution, those in right (faith) relationship with God look to Him who sits sovereignly over all.Psalm 11:3-4Psalm 11:1-7Look To God, Persecution, God Is Sovereign
Christ-followers who are reviled, persecuted, and mocked for simply living out the Christ-life should rejoice and be really glad because their reward in heaven will be great.Matthew 5:11-12Matthew 5:11-12Persecution, Christ-followers, Christ-life
Sometimes those who persecute faithful followers of Christ think they are doing a service to God.John 16:2John 16:1-4persecution, Christ-followers, faithful
Those religious leaders and institutions will "put out" or remove Christ-followers who have an intimate and powerful, obedient, faith-oriented walk with Jesus Christ - believers of the Word and doers of the Word.John 16:1-3John 16:1-33Persecution, Intimacy, Religion
Persecutions have come to assemblies of Christ-followers before and are coming again now as well as in the days ahead.Acts 8:1-4Acts 8:1-4Persecution, Suffering, Christ-followers