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Treasures for 'Peace'

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Peace is partner to those who trust the LORD.Psalm 4:8Psalm 4:8peace, Trust God
God gives peace and courage to those who fear Him in the midst of troublesome circumstances.Psalm 23:4Psalm 23:4peace, Courage, God gives, circumstances, fear God
Peace is found in the heart of those who know Christ, hear the LORD, and trust Him accordingly.Psalm 85:8, Romans 5:1, Philipians 4:7Psalm 85:8Peace, Hearing God, Those Who Trust God
Those who remain humble before the LORD will know a calm and peace of heart regardless of circumstances.Psalm 131:1-3Psalm 131:1-3Circumstances, Humble, Peace
Peace is present in those who know God's plan is unfolding.Mark 4:36-38Mark 4:36-38peace, God's plan
The peace 'the world gives' is either (1) artifical (drugs or distractions), (2) situational (availabe if in the right circumstance), or (3) external (available periodically in times of social or situational peace), but 'MY peace' from the LORD is (1) real (genuine), (2) available (always in all or any circumstance), and (3) internal (in the inner man whether or not in times of social or situational peace) -- therefore, in temporary, confusing, or dangerous circumstances, Christ-followers are not to become troubled or let fear overcome them.John 14:27John 14:27circumstances, peace
Those IN CHRIST can have peace and courage in a troubled and conflicted world because Jesus has overcome (prevailed, conquered, deprived the world of power to harm) the world.John 16:32-33John 16:29-33in Christ, overcome, peace
Those IN CHRIST, by faith in God, have been (1) justified (all sins paid for by Christ's atonement), (2) reconciled (transferred from enmity with God to peace with God, acceptable), and (3) saved (eternally delivered from death to life).Romans 5:1-21Romans 5:1-21Acceptable, Peace, Justified
Those who seek God's heart and will wholeheartedly desire God's peace and faithfulness on His people.Romans 12:12, Ephesians 6:18Romans 12:12Peace, Whole Heart, God's Heart
Real, life-impacting joy and peace are by-products of trusting God - of walking by faith in God.Romans 15:13Romans 15:13Joy, Peace, Those Who Trust God