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Treasures for 'Opposition'

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Don't be afraid of the opposition you will face when carrying out God's will.Deuteronomy 20:1-4Deuteronomy 20:1-4opposition, fear, faith
Facing enemy opposition? Seek God's direction, trust God's power, take your responsible actions, and see God's breakthrough / victory.1 Chronicles 14:10-111 Chronicles 14victory, opposition, seek God
Your critics / enemies / opposers will not likely appreciate your actions no matter how Godward the actions.1 Chronicles 15:291 Chronicles 15criticism, opposition, godliness
Even the mightiest of opposition can and will be brought down by Almighty God.Isaiah 12:6-22Isaiah 12:6-22Defeat, mighty, Almighty God, opposition
What a difference is brought when those IN CHRIST are filled with the Holy Spirit and face opposition - they receive clarity of God's Gospel, clarity of Jesus Christ, and boldness in the face of opposition to proclaim both.Acts 4:13, Acts 4:31Acts 4:2-13Opposition, Boldness, Spirit-filled
Those who by God's grace are greatly used of God should not be surprised when they encounter significant opposition, but remain full of the Holy Spirit, full of grace, and full of faith.Acts 6:5-15Acts 6:5-15Opposition, Faithful, Spirit-filled
Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, there is a time to advance forward (even) in the face of (what has been revealed to you) severe threat of arrest by authorities.Acts 21:7-14Acts 21:7-14Opposition, Spirit-led, Those Who Trust God
Why should a servant of God humbly teach the Word of God to those who oppose the Gospel ministry? (1) that God grant them repentance, (2) that they come to know God's truth, and (3) that in do doing they escape the captivity (held in unbelief, darkness) of the devil.2 Timothy 2:24-262 Timothy 2:23-26Opposition, Teach, God's Word
Even faithful servants of God who are greatly used of God in proclaiming His Word face opposition and even great resistance to their message from influential people.2 Timothy 4:14-152 Timothy 4:14-16Faithful, God's Word, Opposition
Those IN CHRIST who are facing an ever-increasing hostile (to the Gospel message) world and are fully surrendered in carrying out His specific will would do well to know as a matter of fact (1) the LORD will stand close beside you, (2) the LORD will strengthen (impart more ability to) you, (3) the LORD will deliver or rescue you from every evil work, and (4) the LORD will preserve you right into His heavenly kingdom.2 Timothy 4:17-182 Timothy 4:17-18Opposition, Christ-followers, Obedience