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Treasures for 'Obey God'

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Worshippers of false gods and idols legitimately ask, "Who is the LORD God that I should obey Him?"Exodus 5:1-2Exodus 5:1-2Obey God, False Gods, False Religions
God has given us His Word in writing that we might rehearse it, do it, rehearse it, and do it.Exodus 24:3-12Exodus 24:3-12Obey God, God's Word, Know God's Word
Those peoples who observe God's way become a wise and understanding people.Deuteronomy 4:5-6Deuteronomy 4:5-6God's Ways, Makes Wise, Obey God
Doing God's Word aligns one with God's purposes and promises - thus, moving such 'doers' into experiencing God and God's will.Deuteronomy 6:17-19Deuteronomy 6:17-19Obey God, Experience God, God's Word
To do what God says is always good from God's viewpoint for Christ-followers.Deuteronomy 6:24, Romans 8:28Deuteronomy 6:24Live Right, Obey God, Righteousness
God abides in and makes Himself known in those IN CHRIST who abide in Christ - doing by faith what God says.Deuteronomy 12:11, John 14:15-23Deuteronomy 12:11Experience God, Obey God, Abide In Christ
Whether or not we receive help from others in the body of Christ, it is right to trust and obey God by doing by faith what He has told us.Judges 12:2-3Judges 12:2-3Obey God, Right Actions, Hearing God
When those who hear from God speak and / or apply what God says, God validates His Word by doing or working according to what He said or revealed to His servant.1 Samuel 3:19-211 Samuel 3:19-21Obey God, Confirmation, Hear From God
It is good when a leader (of God's people) knows and fulfills God's will and direction.2 Samuel 5:11-122 Samuel 5:11-12God Leads, Obey God, God Directs
Those who realize they are recipients of God's mercy should determine to walk "in line with" God's Word.Psalm 26:3Psalm 26:1-5God's Mercy, Obey God, Walking With God
The work of those obeying God by revelation and faith is sourced “from heaven.”Matthew 21:25Matthew 21:25Obey God, God Works, God's Power
Those who come to Christ are to abandon their sins.John 8:11, 2 Timothy 2:19John 8:11Obey God, Avoid Sinning, Not Sin