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Treasures for 'Need'

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The huge, seemingly impossible (to meet) need is a simple matter in the sight of the LORD.2 Kings 3:15-192 Kings 3need, trust, provider
Those in need come to one they believes can help them.Mark 7:31,32Mark 7:31,32need, help
People bring those in need to Jesus who can make a real difference.Mark 8:22-26Mark 8:22-26Jesus, need
People bringing others in need to the church see it as bringing them to Jesus.Mark 9:14-17Mark 9:14-17church, need, body of Christ
Those in need should ask the LORD to have mercy on them.Mark 9:22Mark 9:22God's mercy, need
Those in need should cry out to Jesus for mercy.Mark 10:46,47Mark 10:46,47Jesus, mercy, need
Those around Jesus sometimes try to turn away others in need coming to Jesus.Mark 10:48Mark 10:48Come to Jesus, need, turn away