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Treasures for 'Money'

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God's plan often includes folks working hard to earn money so they can purchase what they need - this is God's provision.Deuteronomy 2:6-7Deuteronomy 2:6-7God's Provision, Money, Work Ethic
There shall be no sexual immorality or profit related to it in the fellowship of Christ-followers.Deuteronomy 23:17-18Deuteronomy 23:17-18Church, Money, Sexual Immoralty
Save (put aside) a portion (money, food, resources) now to have available in time of need.Proverbs 6:6-11Proverbs 6money, saving, needs
Avoid trusting in / counting on money because money makes itself wings and flies away like an eagle (out of reach).Proverbs 23:5Proverbs 23money, self-sufficient, trust
God is not after people’s money, but it after their heart and life.Matthew 22:19-22Matthew 22:19-22Heart For God, Offering, Money
The way(s) people use money and possession is an indicator of how they will utilize spiritual things.Luke 16:10Luke 16:1-12Material Wealth, Money, Spiritual Formation
One deviation from truth and a contradiction to what is spiritually healthy SUPPOSES (falsely so) godliness (reverence for, devotion to, loving fear of God) is a means to financial gain.1 Timothy 6:3-51 Timothy 6:3-5money, motive, false teachers
One teaching falsely God's Word may be doing so because the compensation for doing or saying what is not right (unrighteousness) before God may be lucrative in the short-term.2 Peter 2:152 Peter 2:15False Teachers, God's Word, Money
There are proclaimers - pastors, preachers, evangelist, apostles, prophets, teachers - who are twisting and distorting God's Word in order to increase their offerings and direct financial compensation -- caring not so much for the integrity of God's Word and message.2 Peter 2:152 Peter 2:15False Teachers, God's Word, Money