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Those appointed a ministry in God's kingdom are ENTRUSTED with that ministry.1 Chronicles 6:48 and 1 Chronicles 9:26-27ff1 Chronicles 6stewardship, anointing, ministry
All assigned a ministry by God are entrusted with a ministry for which they are responsible.1 Chronicles 9:19-271 Chronicles 9stewardship, ministry, responsibility
The ministry of Jesus was cross-cultural from the earliest days around Galilee - God has always been involved in cross-cultural ministry AS all men are in His image.Matthew 4:24, Genesis 9:6Matthew 4:23-25Man, Ministry, Cross-Cultural
Private prayer may precede and follow public ministry.Mark 1:35Mark 1:35prayer, private prayer, ministry
Some good ministry will be by-passed in order to keep on assignment.Mark 1:38Mark 1:38assignment, ministry
Preaching and hands-on ministry go side by side in the great commission.Mark 1:39Mark 1:39Great Commission, Preaching, ministry
Disobedience by some can hinder future ministry.Mark 1:43-45Mark 1:43-45ministry, hinder ministry, disobedience
The ministry of a Christ-follower may exceed what others - even religious - believe is possible.Mark 2:8-12Mark 2:8-12believer, ministry
Real, life-changing ministry can take place in a house.Mark 3:20Mark 3:20ministry, House church
Some ministry opportunities preclude - for a while - regular activities.Mark 3:20,21Mark 3:20,21ministry, Disrupt
Crowds can gather where real ministry takes place.Mark 3:20Mark 3:30ministry, crowds
Ministry to expand the kingdom will have it's God-planned effect.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29God-planned, kingdom, ministry
Some ministry efforts will reap less results than others.Mark 6:4,5Mark 6:4,5Results, ministry
Leaders choose some for special ministry experiences.Mark 9:2-4Mark 9:2-4God chooses, ministry
There are ministry situations that require maximum spiritual preparation.Mark 9:29Mark 9:29ministry, Spiritual preparation
If ministry is given to a Christian in Christ's name, God will remember that ministry.Mark 9:41Mark 9:41ministry, Christ's name
Ministry schedules cannot become so rigid or demanding as to ignore children who need a hug.Mark 10:14Mark 10:14children, rigid, ministry
Those IN CHRIST should thank the LORD for (1) His mercy (having been at enmity), (2) His grace and favor - being beyond numbering or over the top toward them, (3) His imparting ability to fulfill His will, (4) His considering them trustworthy, (5) His appointing each one a role and responsibility of service and all this accompanied by a supply of faith toward Him and love for Him and others.1 Timothy 1:12-141 Timothy 1:12-14grace, thankful, ministry
Those IN CHRIST (especially those struggling with or hesitating to exercise their calling, timid about proceeding) need to more clearly realize the LORD has (1) saved them (completed action) and (2) called them (completed action) to a holy or "set apart for Him" calling based on (1) His own purposes and (2) grace - none of these based on their efforts or works.2 Timothy 1:92 Timothy 1:9spiritual leaders, ministry, disciples
All of Holy Scripture (Bible) is God-inspired (breathed) and profitable - for teaching, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness- SO THAT a servant of God is thoroughly equipped for every God-assigned work.2 Timothy 2:16-172 Timothy 3:14-17God's Word, Ministry, Training
To "preach the Word" involves public proclamation with patience and teaching (explaining) to convince, rebuke, and exhort (to call close beside).2 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 4:1-2God's Word, Ministry, Training
The body of Christ urgently needs men to proclaim with patience and teaching (explanation) God's Word.2 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 4:1-2God's Word, Ministry, Training
Those whom God has called to write are typically equally interested in books - reading, writing, studying.2 Timothy 4:132 Timothy 4:8-13Ministry, Called
Spiritual leaders are under an injunction to repeatedly speak what fits with or matches with sound, wholesome, or spiritually healthy teaching: older men in Christ (1) stay sober (abstaining from or rigidly moderate drinking wine), (2) practice self-control, (3) remain solid in the Gospel faith, (4) remain solid in expressing sacrificial love, and (5) remain solid in patience (enduring under pressure) - - - to be continuedTitus 2:1-2Titus 2:1-2stewardship, spiritual leaders, ministry
The spiritual leaders have a huge responsibility to impact the lives - attitudes and behaviors - of those in Christ who are under their influence or leadership or oversight.Titus 2:1-2Titus 2:1-2stewardship, spiritual leaders, ministry
Those on the same ministry team would do well to express affection for one another - brotherly love.Titus 3:15Titus 3:12-15love others, team, ministry