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Treasures for 'Ministers'

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There are among God's people carnal (at best) or unsaved (at worst) ministers (representatives) of God who will sell themselves to the highest bidder or largest group of people - doing so without regard for God or God's will.Judges 18:3-4, Judges 18:19-20Judges 18:1-20Hired Servant, Ignore God, Ministers
The servants of God need to be held accountable for managing the money entrusted into their hands for the LORD's ministry - doing with it as it is agreed.2 Kings 12:4-72 Kings 12ministers, stewardship, accountability
How well can ministers of the Gospel relate to unsaved businessmen?Mark 2:14-16Mark 2:14-16Businessmen, ministers
Ministers in training might function best ministering in pairs.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, ministers, disciples
Those in Christ’s ministry have the right given by God to draw their financial support from the offerings as well as the option to earn their support by their own hands.1 Corinthians 9:12-181 Corinthians 9:1-18Ministers, Financial Support, Salary