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Treasures for 'Minister'

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God's people are to minister to the needs of God's appointed ministers.Deuteronomy 12:19Deuteronomy 12:19Appointed Ministers, minister
Compassion moves a Christ-follower to do what he can.Mark 1:41Mark 1:41Compassion, minister
There are times to minister only in a semi-private setting rather than in front of a crowd.Mark 7:33-35Mark 7:33-35Crowd, private, minister
Don't be ashamed, embarrassed, or offended by the faithful, obedient, suffering servant of Christ, but rather reach out to help him, refresh him, and find ways to 'touch' him as Christ would.2 Timothy 1:16-182 Timothy 1:16-18minister, spiritual leaders, disciples
A spiritual leader in a time-period of general apostacy MUST (imperative, injunction) (1) draw empowerment out of the grace of God (verse 1), (2) commit God's Word and teachings to proven men capable of teaching others (verse 2), (3) endure troubles and hardships (verses 3-6), (4) ponder your instructions that God give you a fuller understanding of them (verse 7), (5) remember (time and again) the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the whole of God's Word is not chained (restrained) (verses 8-9), (6) remind the faithful men who will teach others - God is faithful and will keep His Word (verse 14), (7) exert energy to rightly deliver God's Word of truth (verse 15), (8) avoid vain conversations (verses 16-18), (9) depart, flee from sin and immature desires (verses 19-22), and (10) avoid arguments and disputes while focusing on patiently and humbly teaching God's truth.2 Timothy 2:1-262 Timothy 2:1-26God's Word, minister, spiritual leaders