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Treasures for 'Mind'

Those outside of Christ have a worldly or earthly mind and heart and speak according to worldly and earthly thoughts.Matthew 12:33-34, Philippians 3:19Matthew 12:33-37stewardship, mind, heart
Christ-followers are responsible to God for how they use their mind and heart - putting in it and meditating on good, true, pure, wholesome and godly truths; SO THAT the words they speak are of a spiritual, godly, wholesome, good nature.Matthew 12:35-37, Philippians 4:8Matthew 12:33-37stewardship, mind, heart
Those in Christ have a spiritual mind and heart are to speak according to spiritually and godly thoughts.Matthew 12:35Matthew 12:33-37stewardship, mind, heart
God will hold each Christ-follower accountable for what they put in their minds and heart as well as the words that come forth.Matthew 12:35-37Matthew 12:33-37stewardship, mind, heart