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Treasures for 'Mercy'

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Those in the LORD living and working in an idolatrous culture can still have a tender heart toward those who recognize the 'mess' or 'mistakes' they have made of their lives.Genesis 42:21-24Genesis 42:1-38Mercy, Idolatrous Culture, Identify
Christ-followers are to help or assist those who have a need as well as return what was found to him who lost it.Deuteronomy 22:1-4Deuteronomy 22:1-8Christ-followers, Mercy, Repentant
Those who do God's will can have mercy in their heart toward their blood-kin who have suffered God's discipline.Judges 21:2-3, Judges 21:15Judges 21:1-25God's Purposes, Judgment, Mercy
Those IN CHRIST who seek God’s heart have the capacity and can exercise the desire to show mercy to the offspring of those who have despised them.2 Samuel 9:3-72 Samuel 9:3-7Enemies, Mercy, Others
God extends mercy even to His people living unfaithfully toward Him because the oppression from enemies is so great.2 Kings 14:26-272 Kings 14oppression, unfaithfulness, mercy
A Christ-follower who is generous and merciful does himself well.Proverbs 11:17, 25Proverbs 11wisdom, mercy, generous
Those in need should cry out to Jesus for mercy.Mark 10:46,47Mark 10:46,47Jesus, mercy, need
A God-led mercy offering is a fruit to God's glory.Romans 15:28, John 15:1-8Romans 15:28Mercy, Freewill Offering, Fruit
The testimony of a sacrificial, generous, mercy-offering in one assembly can be used by God to stir up other assemblies to join the mercy-offering.2 Corinthians 9:1-152 Corinthians 9giving, mercy, testimony
To those who have obtained mercy unto eternal life in Jesus Christ, honor and glory forever and ever belongs to the KING of eternity - immortal (not perishable) and unseen - the only God, so be it!1 Timothy 1:171 Timothy 1:12-17God's character, mercy, praise
A Christ-oriented servant of God will extend mercy towards his Christ-family members who forsake (leave him in a lurch) him in difficult times - even intercede that God forgive them this wrong doing.2 Timothy 4:162 Timothy 4:14-16Mercy, Spirit-filled, Forgive