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Treasures for 'Material Wealth'

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There is a tendency within the people of God to want to pragmatically 'go after' the methods or strategies others have used to gain what appears (or in reality) to be more material wealth than they - even if said method or strategy leaves God or God's ways out of the picture.Deuteronomy 12:30Deuteronomy 12:26-32God's Ways, Walk With The World, Material Wealth
Offerings and gifts from God's people to the LORD are to be based on the material blessings or gain they have earned or received.Deuteronomy 16:17Deuteronomy 16:16-17Generous Giving, Material Wealth, Offerings
A leader among God's people is to avoid building up great personal wealth.Deuteronomy 17:17Deuteronomy 17:14-17Material Wealth, Selfish Ambition, Spiritual Leaders
Only God, apart from all earthly means, can and will redeem those who trust in Him - wealthy cannot obtain favor from God.Psalm 49:1-9, Psalm 49:15, Matthew 19:23-26Psalm 49:1-15God's Grace, Material Wealth, Those Who Trust God
Those outside of Christ who are wealthy, well-positioned in life, and possess the advantages over others so often 'wear pride like a necklace.'Psalm 73:6Psalm 73:1-9Pride, Material Wealth, Unsaved
The way(s) people use money and possession is an indicator of how they will utilize spiritual things.Luke 16:10Luke 16:1-12Material Wealth, Money, Spiritual Formation