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Treasures for 'Man'

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God created man (mankind) in His own image - making man unique in regard to all other creation.Genesis 1:27Genesis 1:1-31Creation, Man, Creator
Man is under God.Psalm 8:1-9Psalm 8:1-9Under God, Man
Man is the crown and glory of God's creation - says God.Psalm 8:5Psalm 8:1-9Man, Creation, Glorify God
The ministry of Jesus was cross-cultural from the earliest days around Galilee - God has always been involved in cross-cultural ministry AS all men are in His image.Matthew 4:24, Genesis 9:6Matthew 4:23-25Man, Ministry, Cross-Cultural
All men are of one man, Adam, who God made, Himself.Acts 17:26, Genesis 2:78-25, Romans 5:12-21Acts 17:26Creation, Man, Creator