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Treasures for 'Make Disciples'

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People naturally group together into cities and develop large plans, visions, and infrastructures, but God directed men to GO and MULTIPLY and fill the earth.Genesis 11:4-8Genesis 11:4-8Culture, Make Disciples, People Groups
Christ-followers are not out to take nations to build an earthly inheritance, but to take hearts and make disciples.Deuteronomy 20:9-11Deuteronomy 20:9-15Christ-followers, Inheritance, Make Disciples
To be a Christ-follower is to do by faith what the LORD says - practice the teachings of Jesus Christ.1 Samuel 15:11, Matthew 28:201 Samuel 15:11Make Disciples, Obey Jesus, Those Who Trust God
Spiritual leaders must raise up disciples to expand the kingdom of God as well as prepare them for the day the leader expires.Matthew 16:21Matthew 16:21Disciple-maker, Make Disciples, Spiritual Leaders
Instructing and teaching is such an important part of making disciples.Mark 9:38Mark 9:38Make Disciples, teaching