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Treasures for 'Love Others'

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God's people care for their ministers and, in the same way, for strangers, orphans, and widows.Deuteronomy 14:27-29Deuteronomy 14:24-29Love Others, Care Of Ministers, Pastors
Christ-followers are to pay attention to and care about what others who belong to God are doing in their life.Deuteronomy 17:1-7, Galatians 6:1-2Deuteronomy 17:1-7Love Others, Others, Pay Attention
Some love-motivated acts in behalf of another may cost the actor much.Deuteronomy 25:11-12Deuteronomy 25:11-12Actions, Love Others, Husband Wife
Those in the LORD who antagonize others in the LORD would do well to cease causing strife.1 Samuel 27:4, Romans 12:181 Samuel 27:4Family Of God, Love Others, Strife
Disciples of Jesus are uniquely marked or identified by the kind of love they show one another - sacrificial, involved, and committed L-O-V-E.John 13:34-35John 13:1-38Disciples, Love, Love Others
Love for others is to be repeated or continuous and active - expressed through actions.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35actions, love others, disciples
Hving 'God's-kind-of-love' among Christ-followers identifies them as followers of Jesus Christ.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35love others, Christ-followers, disciples
The body of Christ is to be a 'loving-each-other' community.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35body of Christ, love others, one another
Followers of Christ are urged - yeah, commanded - to love one another - love defined by involvement, commitment, and sacrifice.John 15:12-13John 15:12-13friendship, love others, Christ-followers
Close or intimate friendship is available between Christ and His followers - as well as among His followers - (1) when they walk in obedience to what He has said, (2) when they talk openly (transparency) what God has revealed to them, and (3) when they love each other (love including involvement, commitment, and sacrifice).John 15:13-15John 15:13-15friendship, love others, Christ-followers
Those IN CHRIST are continually commanded by the LORD to actively and continually love others in Christ's body.John 15:17John 15:17Christ-followers, love others, commands
Those who love God and love others (from God's perspective) are no threat (of doing wrong or evil) to society.Romans 13:10Romans 13:1-10Love God, Love Others, Social Order
Those on the same ministry team would do well to express affection for one another - brotherly love.Titus 3:15Titus 3:12-15love others, team, ministry