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Treasures for 'Love'

When a disciple maker knows his departure from his disciples of three years is near, the love for the disciples intensifies.John 13:1John 13:1disciple-maker, love, disciples
What God or Son of God - even any god known to man - would say after three years of life with Peter, James, and John, etc. "having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end" and then to take a basin of water with a towel and wash their feet?John 13:1, John 13:5John 13:1-38Love, God, Servant
Disciples of Jesus are uniquely marked or identified by the kind of love they show one another - sacrificial, involved, and committed L-O-V-E.John 13:34-35John 13:1-38Disciples, Love, Love Others
The 'badge' identifying Christ-followers is their love for one another - characterized by (1) involvement, (2) commitment, and (3) sacrifice.John 13:34-35John 13:34-35love, body of Christ, behavior
Believers can define love by the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ in laying down His life for them.1 John 3:16-181 John 3:16-18love
Believers are to lay down their lives for one another.1 John 3:16-181 John 3:16-18love
How can God's love dwell in one who has the capacity but refuses to meet another's needs?1 John 3:16-181 John 3:16-18love
Believers are to love with actions and in truth - not simply with words.1 John 3:16-181 John 3:16-18love
If anyone says, "I love God God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar.1 John 4:20-211 John 4:20-21love
Saying one loves God doesn't make it so.1 John 4:20-211 John 4:20-21love
Whoever loves God must love his brother.1 John 4:20-211 John 4:20-21love
To not love another believer is to disobey God - sin against God.1 John 4:20-211 John 4:20-21love
For believers, there is to be a consistency between loving God and loving others.1 John 4:20-211 John 4:20-21love