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God is Master of Breakthrough - Baal Perazim.1 Chronicles 14:10-111 Chronicles 14God works, Lord, God's character
The earth and all in it belong to the LORD.Psalm 24:1Psalm 24:1Earth, all, Lord
There is no unrighteousness in the LORD.Psalm 92:15Psalm 92:15No unrighteousness, Lord
The LORD keeps His children.Psalm 121:5Psalm 121:5Keeps, children, Lord
The LORD judges with righteous judgment.Isaiah 11:3-5Isaiah 11:3-5Judgment, righteous, judges, Lord
It is simple and congruent for the LORD God to work in such ways as to astonish idol worshippers - even highly educated, governmental leaders.Daniel 3:23-25Daniel 3:19-25God's Work, Idolatrous Culture, LORD
God rules over the (1) kingdom of God and over the (2) kingdom of men - heaven and earth.Daniel 4:17Daniel 4:17Lord, rules, Kingdom of God
Secular 'bosses' lord their position over employees.Mark 10:42Mark 10:42Secular, employees, Lord
To all IN CHRIST there is to be ONE LORD to whom each one gives his supreme devotion - all one's heart, soul, mind, and strength.Mark 12:29-31Mark 12:18-49Lord, devotion
The LORD is aware of what one gives.Mark 12:41-44Mark 12:41-44Giving, offering, Lord
The LORD can and will guide His disciples in great detail.Mark 14:12-16Mark 14:12-16Guide, disciples, Lord
The LORD knows who is 'with' Him and who is 'against' Him.Mark 14:17-20Mark 14:17-20God knows, against, Lord
Our (those IN CHRIST) LORD Jesus Christ is (1) the blessed and only Sovereign, (2) the KING of all kings, (3) the LORD of all lords, (4) Who alone dwells free of all deaths, (5) dwelling in unapproachable or inaccessible light, (6) Whom no man has seen or is able to see, and (7) to Whom be honor and dominion forever.1 Timothy 6:14-161 Timothy 6:14-16Lord, Jesus Christ
There is no other lord so high and nighty as the LORD Jesus Christ.1 Timothy 6:15-161 Timothy 6:14-16Lord, Jesus Christ
Those IN CHRIST who place themselves under Christ as LORD will know His grace, His mercy, and His peace.2 Timothy 1:22 Timothy 1:1-3grace, Lord, in Christ