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Treasures for 'Learners'

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Those in relationship with God must learn to trust what the LORD says as something He will do - no matter how impossible it seems to their human mind.Genesis 18:13-15Genesis 18:13-15Believe God, God Speaks, Learners
The LORD is the Teacher to those who trust Him, yield to Him, and pursue His heart.Psalm 25:4, Psalm 25:9, Psalm 25:12Psalm 25:4-12God Teaches, Learners, Revelation
One who walks with God should be continuously learning - pursuing and applying knowledge (things learned) into his or her life.Proverbs 19:2Proverbs 19:2Application, Faithful, Learners
Teachers need to explain what they teach to those they want most to 'get it.'Mark 4:33,34Mark 4:33,34Explain, teachers, Learners