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Treasures for 'Leadership'

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Those God graces with management or leadership abilities can exercise it in whatever setting they find themselves.Genesis 39:21-23, Genesis 39:2-4Genesis 39:20-23Grace, Faithful, Leadership
Christ-followers are not to pursue the world's kind of governance.Deuteronomy 17:14Deuteronomy 17:14-17God's Ways, Leadership, World
Spiritual leaders need to tell the people clearly what God is going to do AND that He will be with them in doing His will.Deuteronomy 31:1-6Deuteronomy 31:1-6God's presence, leadership, spiritual leaders
Spiritual leaders can transfer leadership to the next generation in public service.Deuteronomy 31:7,8Deuteronomy 31:7,8Next Generation, leadership, spiritual leaders
God may direct one leader to publicly hand over leadership to the next leader of His people.Deuteronomy 31:14Deuteronomy 31:14God's people, leadership
Sometimes appointed leaders among God's people make poor decisions because they fail to seek God and His input regarding the decisions.Joshua 9:14-15Joshua 9:1-27Leadership, Hear From God, Prayer
A great leader knows he needs to encourage people to "push on forward" who are facing a notable challenge.Joshua 17:17-18Joshua 17:17-18Leadership, Obstacles, Encouragement
It is a grievous day when a leader over God's people prays to God, but (due to his own heart condition) God does not answer him - silence from God.1 Samuel 28:61 Samuel 28:6Answers To Prayer, Leadership, Heart Condition
The sins of one leader among God's people (the influence of his sins spreading among God's people) can result in God's judgment on the whole of them.1 Kings 14:14-161 Kings 14judgment, leadership, sins
Some who rise to leadership among God's people have no regard for God or His Word.1 Kings 16:30-331 Kings 16God's Word, leadership, disobedience
Once evil or sinful patterns (chronic disobedience) are established in leadership of God's people, its not unusual for this to continue for generations.2 Kings 15:9, 18, 24, 282 Kings 15leadership, sin, disobedience
Leaders (operating in the flesh) of God's people may well resort to hiring (putting out money collected in the LORD's name) men (even unsaved) to solve their problems RATHER THAN turning in humility to God for His righteous help.2 Kings 16:1-92 Kings 16leadership, compromise, flesh
Some representatives of the LORD will do whatever is asked / expected of them by others RATHER THAN remaining obedient to the LORD.2 Kings 16:9-162 Kings 16compromise, leadership, unfaithfulness
Sometimes followers don't catch the full dimension of one's leadership - but see them as one dimensional.Mark 4:38,41Mark 4:38, 41leadership, disciples, followers