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God initiates encounters with select people and grants encounters with Himself so the select one(s) will know God more intimately or understand His Word more clearly.Genesis 35:1-15Genesis 35:1-15Experience God, Know God, Intimacy With God
One who knows about God, knows God experientially, and walks faithfully with God can be used by God - even if confined in an idolatrous culture.Genesis 40:1-8Genesis 40:1-23Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
God wants all peoples - even idol worshipping peoples - to know He acts independently and sovereignly so they can look to Him in faith.Genesis 41:25-32Genesis 41:1-37God Is Sovereign, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
If God has withdrawn Himself from the current plan of action, the people of God should stop and reconnect intimately with God.Deuteronomy 1:42-43Deuteronomy 1:40-43Know God, God's Will, Intimacy With God
Presuming upon God can bring devastating results.Deuteronomy 1:43Deuteronomy 1:43-46Know God, Results, Presumptuous
It is the responsibility of those who know God by experience to tell inquirers who the LORD is and what the LORD has done for them..Deuteronomy 6:20-25, 1 Peter 3:15Deuteronomy 6:20-25Know God, Experience God, Witnessing
Know your God, Christ-follower. God is superior to all gods and LORD over all lords. God is THE great God. God is full of might, almighty and awesome in character. God is above partiality, never taking a bribe.Deuteronomy 10:17Deuteronomy 10:17-18Almighty God, Know God, God's Character
God invites people to still themselves and get to know Him.Psalm 46:10Psalm 46:10Know God, God invites
Knowing God and applying His Word in life brings that one wisdom and understanding.Psalm 111:10Psalm 111:10Know God, Apply God\'s Word, Good Understanding
Those who know the LORD know His mercy has been exercised toward them.Psalm 117:1-2Psalm 117:1-2Believers, God's Mercy, Know God
Men who know God 'hurt' (emotionally) when destruction and suffering comes to others.Isaiah 15:5-9Isaiah 15:5-9Hurt, destruction, suffering, Know God
Idolatrous people need to be introduced to the Living God of Heaven.Daniel 2:28-30, Daniel 2:37-38, Daniel 2:44-47Daniel 2:26-49Idolatrous Culture, Know God
Disciples come to know more of the LORD over time - interacting with Him.Luke 8:22-25Luke 8:22-25Know God, God Reveals, Intimacy With God
Jesus wants His disciples - yes, His brothers and sisters - to know and experience His Father and His God as their Father and their God.John 20:17John 20:1-31Christ-followers, Father, Know God