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Treasures for 'Kingdom Of God'

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The perceived 'time delays' the faithful in Christ experience are being used by God to further develop the faithful for greater service to the kingdom of God.Genesis 40:14, Genesis 40:23, Genesis 41:1-16Genesis 40:1-23Faithful, God's Timing, Kingdom Of God
Honoring parents is part of living well in the kingdom of God (the landscape God has given each and all IN CHRIST).Deuteronomy 5:16Deuteronomy 5:16Honor Parents, Kingdom Of God
One becomes 'great' in a kingdom sense because God is 'with him' - dispensing great grace.1 Chronicles 11:7-91 Chronicles 11greatness, provision, Kingdom of God
Regardless of cultures and their geo-political strength, God is building His own everlasting kingdom.Daniel 3:44Daniel 3:26-45God's Work, Kingdom Of God, Purpose
God rules over the (1) kingdom of God and over the (2) kingdom of men - heaven and earth.Daniel 4:17Daniel 4:17Lord, rules, Kingdom of God
The LORD and those who are His IN CHRIST will surface as an everlasting kingdom.Daniel 7:14Daniel 7:14in Christ, Kingdom of God
God will bring down all idolatrous kingdoms and one day put them to an end UNDER His kingdom, the kingdom belonging to the Ancient of Days.Daniel 7:22, Daniel 7:26-27Daniel 7:21-28Future, Idolatrous Culture, Kingdom Of God
Greatness in the kingdom of God is manifest in humble service to others.Matthew 20:25-28Matthew 20:25-28Humble, Kingdom Of God, Serve One Another
Those IN CHRIST are to serve the King of God's kingdom - Jesus - today by serving others AS IF serving Christ, Himself.Matthew 25:31-40Matthew 25:31-40Kingdom Of God, Serve God, Serving
Kingdom growth is not about the science of growth but obedience to God and proclaiming the kingdom in life and word.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29Kingdom of God
God only produces kingdom of life.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29Kingdom of God
Multiplication of God's kingdom involves spreading of God's Word PLUS processes and activity of God He performs as He wills.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29Kingdom of God
Followers of Jesus Christ - along WITH Christ - belong to a kingdom that is NOT of this world; but is born in heaven by God.John 18:36-37John 18:36-37inheritance, rebirth, Kingdom of God
There are those in the "Christian religion" who refuse to have Jesus as their King.John 19:15John 19:15King Of Kings, Kingdom Of God, Reject Christ