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The kingdom of God's Son will stand forever.Isaiah 9:6,7Isaiah 9:6,7kingdom, God's kingdom, forever, Jesus
God gives His kingdom - His Story, His Word, His Purposes, His Son, His Spirit - into the heart of believers who will receive it and exercise it.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
Those who receive God's kingdom - His Story, His Word, His Purposes, His Son, His Spirit, His Rule - are expected to LIVE IT, PROCLAIM IT, and by God's grace, SEE THE KINGDOM INCREASE.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
God's grace Gospel is planted in the heart of believers to produce over time Gospel fruits - new believers, new kingdom members.Matthew 21:34, 42-43Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
What one does - receive or reject - God's grace Gospel will determine their future with God.Matthew 21:35, 44-46Matthew 21:33-46kingdom, gospel, stewardship
Ministry to expand the kingdom will have it's God-planned effect.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29God-planned, kingdom, ministry
God grows the kingdom.Mark 4:26-29Mark 4:26-29kingdom, Kingdom growth
Though God's kingdom started so small, it has grown to enormous proportions over the years.Mark 4:30-32Mark 4:30-32kingdom, Growth
A 'fleshly' perspective and a 'spiritual' perspective or 'kingdom' perspective differ greatly.Mark 8:31-33Mark 8:31-33kingdom, flesh, Spiritual
Relating to God and His kingdom are simple enough that a child can do so.Mark 10:15,16Mark 10:15,16child, kingdom, Simple
The KING of kings is coming again - Jesus is coming again.John 12:15, Revelation 19:16, Revelation 22:20John 12:1-50Jesus' Return, Kingdom, King
Christ-followers belong to a kingdom that is not of THIS WORLD, not from here.John 18:36-37John 18:1-40Family Of God, Kingdom, King
The kingdom over which Jesus is King is not from THIS WORLD, but from heaven.John 18:36-37John 18:1-40Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
What some say about Jesus light-heartedly, with mockery or in derision, is actually God's Supreme Truth - Jesus is the Christ, the KING of the Kingdom of God.John 19:2-3, John 19:14-15, John 19:19-21John 19:1-42Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
Is Jesus Christ YOUR King today?John 19:1-42Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
Those involved in Christ's Kingdom-building minister to people - not institutions, projects, or goals.2 Timothy 4:19-212 Timothy 4:19-22People, Kingdom, Relationship