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God has set Jesus Christ as King over all kings and kingdoms.Psalm 2:6, John 18:36-37, Revelation 19:16Psalm 2:1-6Jesus Christ, God Is Sovereign, King
The KING of kings is coming again - Jesus is coming again.John 12:15, Revelation 19:16, Revelation 22:20John 12:1-50Jesus' Return, Kingdom, King
Christ-followers belong to a kingdom that is not of THIS WORLD, not from here.John 18:36-37John 18:1-40Family Of God, Kingdom, King
The kingdom over which Jesus is King is not from THIS WORLD, but from heaven.John 18:36-37John 18:1-40Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
What some say about Jesus light-heartedly, with mockery or in derision, is actually God's Supreme Truth - Jesus is the Christ, the KING of the Kingdom of God.John 19:2-3, John 19:14-15, John 19:19-21John 19:1-42Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
Is Jesus Christ YOUR King today?John 19:1-42Jesus Christ, Kingdom, King
We, IN CHRIST, should hold to the same confession (even speak the same, agreement) as Jesus Christ Himself - Jesus is KING of God's people.1 Timothy 6:13-14, John 18:28-38, Luke 23:1-41 Timothy 6:13-14King, Jesus Christ, confess