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Treasures for 'Judgment'

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In acts of judgment leading to His purposes, God chooses when and how to differentiate between His people and others.Exodus 11:7Exodus 11:7God's People, Judgment, God Chooses
Those who have reduced the Bible to less than what God gave us or added to the Bible more than what God gave to us are BOTH violating God's Word and will - - thus, these violaters are subject to God's own severe judgment.Deuteronomy 4:1-3Deuteronomy 4:1-3False Teachers, God's Word, Judgment
God's people are best judged by godly judges from among themselves.Deuteronomy 16:18Deuteronomy 16:18Godly judges, judgment
God's chosen ministers (spiritual leaders) are to exercise judgment or discernment among God's people.Deuteronomy 21:5Deuteronomy 21:5judgment, spiritual leaders, discernment
Those who do God's will can have mercy in their heart toward their blood-kin who have suffered God's discipline.Judges 21:2-3, Judges 21:15Judges 21:1-25God's Purposes, Judgment, Mercy
The sins of one leader among God's people (the influence of his sins spreading among God's people) can result in God's judgment on the whole of them.1 Kings 14:14-161 Kings 14judgment, leadership, sins
Sometimes a faithful messenger / prophet of God is given by God a negative / judgmental (even death sentence) word to pass on to the people.2 Kings 1:3-42 Kings 1God's Word, judgment, faithfulness
God's judgment falls so severe at times He wants nothing of the wicked ones left to memorialize.2 Kings 9:33-37 also 222 Kings 9remember, judgment, wicked
God will come one day to execute judgment on those who carry His name (but not in their heart) who have (1) given themselves to false gods, and (2) shed much innocent blood - after warnings, time, mercy - He will come severely.2 Kings 24:1-4, 10-16 also 2 Kings 21:12-142 Kings 24apostasy, judgment, idol
Descendants of God-trusters may turn from God and thus forfeit under God's wrath all God did and gave their forefathers.1 Chronicles 5:20-261 Chronicles 5judgment, consequences, disobedience
God will come in judgment upon many nations.Psalm 110:5-7Psalm 110:5-7Nations, Godly Judges, Judgment
Those who despise and disobey God's Word pay a high price.Proverbs 5:12-13Proverbs 5God's Word, judgment, disobedience
The judgment of the LORD shows Him to be righteous and holy. Isaiah 5:16,17Isaiah 5:16,17judgment, Lord, righteous, holy
The very faithful to the LORD among a generally disobedient nation may well suffer God's judgment along with the unfaithful.Daniel 9:4-19Daniel 9:1-19Judgment, Idolatrous Culture, Suffer
Those who sin greatly - having received grace and light - bring on themselves a potent, righteous response from God.Daniel 9:10-12Daniel 9:10-12judgment, consequences, disobedience
A judgment is coming (Great White Throne) wherein men's sins will be revealed in full.1 Timothy 5:241 Timothy 5:23-25judgment, sins, unbelievers
A judgment is coming (Judgment Seat of Christ) wherein the good works (public and private) done by Christ-followers will be revealed in full.1 Timothy 5:251 Timothy 5:23-25believer, judgment, works