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Treasures for 'Joy'

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What joy comes to those who know by experience God answers their prayers.Psalm 20:6Psalm 20:6God answers prayers, prayers, answers, joy
No matter where a follower of Christ finds himself, let him never forget the joys of being in the Kingdom of God.Psalm 137:4-6Psalm 137:4-6Joy, In God's Kingdom, Remember God\'s Word
Those Christ-followers who remain in an intimate love relationship with the Father (1) bearing much fruit, (2) asking and receiving, (3) doing what the LORD says, and (4) glorifying the Father will experience a joy like Jesus experienced in relation to the Father.John 15:11John 15:1-11joy, intimacy, obedience
Having a personal encounter with Jesus should SO FILL the heart with joy for that Christ-follower.John 16:22John 16:1-33Joy, Heart, Intimacy
There is a great joy to be experienced and owned by disciples of Jesus who come to know (1) He lives eternally at God's right hand and (2) all the promises (Word and words) of Jesus and Father are true.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Once a follower of Jesus experiences Jesus alive (revelation of Jesus) and a confirmation of His promised Word (words revealed or fulfilled) the "heart joy" they experience cannot be taken from them.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Because Jesus is at God's right hand and because the Holy Spirit reveals truth, guides, and speaks (tells) heavenly messages to disciples of Jesus, disciples of Jesus may ask the Father "whatever" IN ALL JESUS IS and the Father will indeed grant those requests SO THAT the joy and delight in the heart of the disciples comes to full measure (fills up, completed).John 16:23-24John 16:23-24prayer, joy, Holy Spirit
There is a joy Jesus experienced which can be experienced to the full by those IN CHRIST.John 17:13, John 15:11, John 16:22-24John 17:1-26Joy, Christ-followers, In Christ
Real, life-impacting joy and peace are by-products of trusting God - of walking by faith in God.Romans 15:13Romans 15:13Joy, Peace, Those Who Trust God