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Treasures for 'Jesus Speaks'

Jesus began interacting - both listening and teaching - when He was 12 years old.Luke 2:46-47Luke 2:46-52Jesus speaks
Jesus, as other children of God, entered His Father's business.Luke 2:48-50Luke 2:46-52Jesus speaks
Jesus submitted to His earthly parents as He grew (increased) in wisdom and in favor with God and men.Luke 2:51-52Luke 2:46-52Jesus speaks
In times of temptation to sin, the Word of God is man's sustenance. Luke 4:4Luke 4:1-4Jesus speaks
Those who follow Christ are to live 'by every Word of God.'Luke 4:4Luke 4:1-4Jesus speaks
The written Word of God has been given to sustain those who know God and rely on the Word.Luke 4:4Luke 4:1-4Jesus speaks
Jesus poke God's Word ON POINT to the temptation He was facing.Luke 4:6-8Luke 4:6-8Jesus speaks
Followers of Jesus are to worship God only, serving Him as LORD.Luke 4:8Luke 4:6-8Jesus speaks
Followers of Jesus must know accurately God's Word to walk successfully against life's obstacles.Luke 4:6-8Luke 4:6-8Jesus speaks
When faced with temptation, Jesus declared that followers of Jesus should not act presumptuously toward God.Luke 4:9-12Luke 4:9-12Jesus speaks
Followers of Jesus are to follow God's leadership and ways - not acting presumptuously toward GodLuke 4:9-12Luke 4:9-12Jesus speaks
Jesus knew, read, and spoke the written Word of God.Luke 4:16-20Luke 4:16-22Jesus speaks
Jesus spoke God's Word as relevant to His audience.Luke 4:21-22Luke 4:16-22Jesus speaks
Jesus, humbly and assuredly, spoke God's truths from His Word and about His Word to His audience.Luke 4:21-22Luke 4:16-22Jesus speaks
Sometimes those in the best or most likely position to grasp a truth or understand what God is doing actually miss the point or miss what God is doing.Luke 4:23-27Luke 4:23-30Jesus speaks
God will speak and act where He finds a ready, receptive, faith-oriented audience.Luke 4:23-30Luke 4:23-30Jesus speaks
Declaring the message of God's kingdom is the purpose for which Jesus was sent.Luke 4:43Luke 4:38-44Jesus speaks
Jesus knew why He came and what He was to do.Luke 4:43Luke 4:38-44Jesus speaks
Jesus declared He was sent to preach the kingdom of God in various cities and villages of Israel.Luke 4:43Luke 4:38-44Jesus speaks
Jesus seizes a fleeting opportunity to speak a vivid 'word picture' to His disciples regarding His plans for their future.Luke 5:1-10Luke 5:1-11Jesus speaks
Jesus presented opportunities for His disciples to grow in faith toward God.Luke 5:4Luke 5:1-11Jesus speaks
Jesus presents challenging opportunities to expand or depend one's trust in God.Luke 5:4Luke 5:1-11Jesus speaks
Jesus may say things - lead in directions - that go against conventional wisdom.Luke 5:4Luke 5:1-11Jesus speaks
Jesus does not want His followers fearing His presence - even when He reveals Himself supernaturally.Luke 5:1-10Luke 5:1-11Jesus speaks
When the purposes and will of God match up with the desire and request of men, God's activity follows - God works.Luke 5:12-13Luke 5:12-15Jesus speaks
Jesus and those working in His name want those they heal to give God the recognition and glory for their healing.Luke 5:14-15Luke 5:12-15Jesus speaks
Jesus spoke and ministered out of His intimate relationship with God - prayer, Word, teaching.Luke 5:20-24Luke 5:16-26Jesus speaks
Faith and unbelief are in stark contrast.Luke 5:20-26Luke 5:16-26Jesus speaks
God's Spirit leads obedient servants to teach and proclaim God's Word boldly in faith.Luke 5:24Luke 5:16-26Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus fast and pray.Luke 5:33-35Luke 5:27-35Jesus speaks
Jesus invites men to 'follow Him,' becoming disciples of His.Luke 5:27-28Luke 5:27-35Jesus speaks
The call of Jesus to 'would be' disciples only goes out to those who know - will acknowledge - they have a real need.Luke 5:29-32 key 32Luke 5:27-35Jesus speaks
Jesus spoke parables with clear meaning on the surface (simple and true), but parables with profound truth and revelation under the surface meaning.Luke 5:36-39Luke 5:36-39Jesus speaks
When God seeks to reveal a word or initiate some activity among His people, He chooses someone who is open and receptive - new wineskin or new cloth.Luke 5:36-39Luke 5:36-39Jesus speaks
Jesus asked questions of those pretending to be right with God in order to expose their lack of spiritual understanding.Luke 6:1-4Luke 6:1-5Jesus speaks
Those who have no valid relationship with God have no clear understanding of God's Word.Luke 6:1-4Luke 6:1-5Jesus speaks
Jesus gave people truth whether they would receive it or not.Luke 6:1-5Luke 6:1-5Jesus speaks
Jesus asked His audience the right question - rhetorical here - at the right time.Luke 6:6-9Luke 6:6-11Jesus speaks
Among other reasons, Jesus asked questions to get people to think about how they relate to God.Luke 6:9-10Luke 6:6-11Jesus speaks
Jesus invited others to trust His Word.Luke 6:10Luke 6:6-11Jesus speaks
The religious rage when the Righteous One reveals His righteousness.Luke 6:9-11Luke 6:6-11Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus - real Kingdom citizens - live and operate by a different standard than others - even opposite of that of the 'world' citizens.Luke 6:20-26Luke 6:12-26Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to keep a heavenward (kingdom) perspective in life and ministry.Luke 6:20-26Luke 6:12-26Jesus speaks
Citizens in God's kingdom are to treat others mercifully as God is merciful.Luke 6:36Luke 6:27-45Jesus speaks
The inner man or heart of a citizen of God's kingdom is to reflect the character of its King - God is good.Luke 6:43-45Luke 6:27-45Jesus speaks
In the heart where God is King, the character of God will flow out to others.Luke 6:27-45Luke 6:27-45Jesus speaks
Those who receive and practice the teachings of Jesus are wise and will stand against rising waters.Luke 6:46-49Luke 6:46-49Jesus speaks
Those who fail to practice the teachings of Jesus are unwise and will crumble against rising waters.Luke 6:46-49Luke 6:46-49Jesus speaks
Jesus is LORD of those who practice His Word.Luke 6:48-49 key 49Luke 6:46-49Jesus speaks
Real, clear trust in God is rewarded by God.Luke 7:9Luke 7:1-10Jesus speaks
It may be the most unlikely who actually trust God vividly.Luke 7:9Luke 7:1-10Jesus speaks
Sure trust in Jesus or God does not go unnoticed by God.Luke 7:9Luke 7:1-10Jesus speaks
Jesus used one man's faith to encourage others to believe and to rebuke those who more likely should have been believing.Luke 7:9Luke 7:1-10Jesus speaks
Jesus cares about hurting, desperate people.Luke 7:13Luke 7:11-17Jesus speaks
Jesus commands all nature - interrupting it when He chooses.Luke 7:11-15Luke 7:11-17Jesus speaks
The words of Jesus carry power - power to accomplish the very words spoken.Luke 7:14-15Luke 7:11-17Jesus speaks
Jesus' words have compassion and power to impact those on whom His compassion is directed.Luke 7:14-15Luke 7:11-17Jesus speaks
One's acclaim in Christ is simply fulfilling the calling or ministry assigned by God.Luke 7:22Luke 7:18-23Jesus speaks
My living out of my calling or assignment speak of my spiritual condition and relationship to God.Luke 7:22-23Luke 7:18-23Jesus speaks
Jesus affirms the ministry of those sent by God to fulfill Scripture.Luke 7:24-27Luke 7:24-28Jesus speaks
A birth 'from above' far outweighs any birth on earth.Luke 7:28Luke 7:24-28Jesus speaks
The least of those born of God is greater - in a great situation - than any who are only born of a woman.Luke 7:28Luke 7:24-28Jesus speaks
Those who hear the Gospel of Jesus and reject the message are foolish.Luke 7:32-35Luke 7:29-35Jesus speaks
Some hear the gospel more than once and reject it each time - missing their God-given opportunity to trust God and be saved.Luke 7:32-35Luke 7:29-35Jesus speaks
So much of God's truth is parallel to common sense.Luke 7:43Luke 7:36-43Jesus speaks
Forgiveness from God and love for God are linked.Luke 7:40-43Luke 7:36-43Jesus speaks
Jesus posed questions to His audience that when rightly answered revealed great truths.Luke 7:40-43Luke 7:36-43Jesus speaks
Those who are forgiven much by God will love God much.Luke 7:44-50Luke 7:44-50Jesus speaks
Those who humbly trust in the LORD will be forgiven their sins and receive peace with God.Luke 7:44-50Luke 7:44-50Jesus speaks
Genuine trust in God and love for God will show itself in adoration and worship of God.Luke 7:44-50Luke 7:44-50Jesus speaks
The stories Jesus told made sense but were not always understood as to their spiritual implications.Luke 8:1-10Luke 8:1-15Jesus speaks
As a farmer, God is very interested in the fruit that is produced through the seed (Word of God) spread to people.Luke 8:11-15Luke 8:1-15Jesus speaks
God puts His Light into each disciple of Jesus in order to show that Light to the world - walking in darkness.Luke 8:16Luke 8:16-18Jesus speaks
Those who welcome God's Word and apply it will be given more of His Word.Luke 8:15, 18Luke 8:16-18Jesus speaks
Each disciple is responsible for how he or she handles God's Word.Luke 8:18Luke 8:16-18Jesus speaks
Those disciples who hear and do God's Word are 'family' to Jesus.Luke 8:19-21Luke 8:19-25Jesus speaks
Jesus desires that His disciples trust Him, trust God in the daily matters of life.Luke 8:22-25Luke 8:19-25Jesus speaks
God alters the course of nature as His sons and disciples trust in Him to do so: quiet a storm, heal the sick, not give rain, give rain, open a river or sea, collapse a wall, perpetual oil, men walk out of fiery furnace, lions refuse to eat, poisonous snakes not effect, food multiplies.Luke 8:22-25Luke 8:19-25Jesus speaks
Those who have a personal experience with God have something dynamic to tell others.Luke 8:38-39Luke 8:26-40Jesus speaks
Some disciples are assigned to 'go' with the LORD, while others are assigned to 'go' home for the LORD.Luke 8:38-39Luke 8:26-40Jesus speaks
Jesus pointed others to God.Luke 8:39Luke 8:26-40Jesus speaks
Jesus invited a secret believer - with REAL faith - to acknowledge her faith in Him (God) publicly.Luke 8:46-48Luke 8:41-56Jesus speaks
Jesus communicated to His followers that He is absolutely confident in what He says.Luke 8:50, 52, 54Luke 8:41-56Jesus speaks
Jesus tried to avoid drawing attention to Himself - putting people into relationship with God.Luke 8:56Luke 8:41-56Jesus speaks
Jesus gave specific instructions to His disciples during the early days of their training.Luke 9:1-5Luke 9:1-9Jesus speaks
Jesus commissioned His disciples to do what He was doing: proclaiming God's kingdom and healing the sick.Luke 9:1-6Luke 9:1-9Jesus speaks
Jesus instructed His disciples to preach God's kingdom where there is receptivity to the message.Luke 9:3-5Luke 9:1-9Jesus speaks
Jesus put His disciples into situations that would stretch their faith in God AFTER realizing they couldn't conquer the situation on their own.Luke 9:13Luke 9:10-17Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus need to learn to trust in Him to accomplish what He leads them to do.Luke 9:10-17Luke 9:10-17Jesus speaks
Each disciple must for himself or herself come to know Jesus as God's sent Savior and LORD.Luke 9:18-20Luke 9:18-21Jesus speaks
Jesus asked His disciples questions about the general populace and He asked them pointed personal questions.Luke 9:18-21Luke 9:18-21Jesus speaks
Jesus told His disciples of things to come even though they did not understand in full.Luke 9:22Luke 9:22-26Jesus speaks
Disciples should never be ashamed of Jesus and what Jesus said.Luke 9:25Luke 9:22-26Jesus speaks
Those who will follow after (apprentice under) Jesus must commit themselves to this, renew the commitment daily, and continue in this.Luke 9:23-25Luke 9:22-26Jesus speaks
The LORD gave some of His disciples experiences that others did not receive.Luke 9:27Luke 9:27-45Jesus speaks
Jesus promoted 'trust in God' through His words and actions.Luke 9:41Luke 9:27-45Jesus speaks
Jesus warned His disciples early in His ministry of the suffering and death He would experience.Luke 9:44-45Luke 9:27-45Jesus speaks
Some things disciple makers say to their disciples are meant to sink down deep into the disciples.Luke 9:44-45Luke 9:27-45Jesus speaks
Service in the kingdom of God - especially the church - is to be marked by humility.Luke 9:46-48Luke 9:46-48Jesus speaks
Leaders in God's kingdom or the church are to be marked by humility - an attitude of service to others.Luke 9:46-48Luke 9:46-48Jesus speaks
Service to others trumps greatness - most influential or most powerful - in Christ's body, the church.Luke 9:46-48Luke 9:46-48Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus should not forbid others ministering in the name of Jesus.Luke 9:49-50Luke 9:49-56Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus need not have destructive or condemning heart or attitudes.Luke 9:51-56Luke 9:49-56Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus need to focus on saving or redeeming the live of those who will trust in the LORD.Luke 9:51-56Luke 9:49-56Jesus speaks
Jesus said to those who will follow Him (become His disciples) (1) it will cost you much, (2) you need to come when I call you, and (3) you are not to look back at what you left behind but look forward to what you gain.Luke 9:57-62Luke 9:57-62Jesus speaks
Jesus disciples are to pray for disciples to train into laborers for God's harvest.Luke 10:1-2Luke 10-1-12Jesus speaks
Disciples breaking new ground with the gospel are to look for a 'man of peace' (an open door) wherein a base of ministry can start.Luke 10:3-12Luke 10-1-12Jesus speaks
Jesus gave the novice disciples very detailed instructions.Luke 10:3-12Luke 10-1-12Jesus speaks
The judgment brought by Jesus in the end times will be greater toward those who heard and rejected than those who heard and received God's Word.Luke 10:8-16Luke 10:8-16Jesus speaks
Rejecting a Spirit-filled servant of Jesus is like rejecting Jesus which is like rejecting God.Luke 10:16Luke 10:8-16Jesus speaks
Who we are as disciples of Jesus (redeemed ones) is more worthy of praise than what we do as disciples.Luke 10:17-20Luke 10:17-20Jesus speaks
Disciples are to rejoice in their complete salvation and thank God for opportunities to serve in His name.Luke 10:17-20Luke 10:17-20Jesus speaks
God chooses to whom He will reveal Himself and His truth.Luke 10:21-22Luke 10:21-24Jesus speaks
The men to whom God's Spirit led Jesus as His first disciples and apostles were uneducated men.Luke 10:21-22Luke 10:21-24Jesus speaks
People didn't really know Jesus was God in the days of Jesus' life on earth.Luke 10:22Luke 10:21-24Jesus speaks
As the disciples were blessed above previous people in relationship to God for what they saw and heard - how much more are disciples blessed today with the Holy Spirit indwelling.Luke 10:23-24Luke 10:21-24Jesus speaks
Jesus asked people to consider what the Word of God said as well as what they understood it to mean.Luke 10:25-26Luke 10:25-28Jesus speaks
Jesus affirmed God's Word and its application to real life.Luke 10:25-28 key 28Luke 10:25-28Jesus speaks
Spiritual leaders need to take followers to God's Word to learn what God says to His people.Luke 10:25-28Luke 10:25-28Jesus speaks
Jesus used created stories to tell or communicate significant spiritual truths to inquiring listeners.Luke 10:29-37Luke 10:29-37Jesus speaks
The neighbor who is a disciple of Jesus is to love the one encountered in need.Luke 10:29-37Luke 10:29-37Jesus speaks
God's kind of love and compassion expresses itself in meeting the needs of others.Luke 10:29-37Luke 10:29-37Jesus speaks
There is a time when learning from Jesus of one's relationship with Jesus supersedes mundane service activities.Luke 10:38-42Luke 10:38-42Jesus speaks
There are times when disciples of Jesus need to be WITH Him more than they need to be BUSY FOR Him.Luke 10:38-42Luke 10:38-42Jesus speaks
Some experiences with Jesus just CAN'T be taken away from those who shared the same with Him.Luke 10:38-42Luke 10:38-42Jesus speaks
Those close to the LORD develop a desire to learn to pray.Luke 11:1-2Luke 11:1-4Jesus speaks
Though praying is simple and personal, there is much to be learned about praying.Luke 11:1-4Luke 11:1-4Jesus speaks
Prayer to the Father is best - most appropriate - from a humble, dependent heart toward God.Luke 11:1-4Luke 11:1-4Jesus speaks
Jesus teaches His disciples to persist in prayer until the LORD answers.Luke 11:5-10Luke 11:5-10Jesus speaks
Those who persist in prayer will receive according to their needs from Him who is all powerful.Luke 11:5-10 key 9-10Luke 11:5-10Jesus speaks
Jesus urges His disciples to persist in prayer to the Father.Luke 11:5-10Luke 11:5-10Jesus speaks
When disciples open a door for teaching, the teacher (prepared) speaks into the disciple on the subject.Luke 11:11-13Luke 11:11-13Jesus speaks
God will give the best He has (appropriate) to those who seek Him in prayer.Luke 11:11-13Luke 11:11-13Jesus speaks
God knows how to answer the prayers of His children.Luke 11:11-13Luke 11:11-13Jesus speaks
The wisdom with which Jesus taught was heavenly in origin and also comprised common sense at times - divided kingdom falls.Luke 11:14-23Luke 11:14-23Jesus speaks
Jesus - as the Son of God - exercised power greater than Satan.Luke 11:14-23Luke 11:14-23Jesus speaks
Satan cannot stop or prevent the power of God from effecting what God determines to do.Luke 11:22Luke 11:14-23Jesus speaks
Evil spirits wreck havoc coming and going as they will among unregenerate people.Luke 11:24-26Luke 11:24-28Jesus speaks
Those without Christ have no defense against evil spirits.Luke 11:24-26Luke 11:24-28Jesus speaks
Blessed (to be envied) are those who hear God's Word and keep it - apply it, do it.Luke 11:27-28Luke 11:24-28Jesus speaks
The preaching of Jesus provided an opportunity for people (Jews first) to repent and believe the Word of the LORD.Luke 11:29-32Luke 11:29-32Jesus speaks
The Word of God is the only sign needed to turn from sin and self toward God in faith.Luke 11:29-32Luke 11:29-32Jesus speaks
Those who repent and believe Gospel preaching will serve as condemnation against those who heard but rejected the Gospel.Luke 11:29-32Luke 11:29-32Jesus speaks
God put Jesus in the open so that all who will see the Light.Luke 11:33-36Luke 11:33-36Jesus speaks
Those who have Jesus as Savior are full of Light.Luke 11:33-36Luke 11:33-36Jesus speaks
Without Jesus, those with a little light are still in darkness.Luke 11:33-36Luke 11:33-36Jesus speaks
Jesus within a disciple gives light to all parts of the life of the disciple.Luke 11:36Luke 11:33-36Jesus speaks
Jesus declares that a genuine relationship with God is both a matter of the heart (inner man) and of the hands (visible actions).Luke 11:37-54Luke 11:37-54Jesus speaks
Hypocrisy is decried by Jesus.Luke 11:39-54Luke 11:37-54Jesus speaks
Those entrusted with God's Word and God's commission must be keen not to abuse these, not to avoid these, and not to annul these.Luke 11:37-54Luke 11:37-54Jesus speaks
The life of a disciple of Jesus is valuable to God.Luke 12:4-7Luke 12:1-7Jesus speaks
Jesus insist that His disciples have integrity - not living a life of 'cover-up' or 'two faces.'Luke 12:1-3Luke 12:1-7Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus should have a healthy fear of God -the God who values their very fragile life.Luke 12:4-7Luke 12:1-7Jesus speaks
Those who confess Jesus as God's Savior - their own Savior - Jesus will confess in heaven.Luke 12:8-9Luke 12:8-12Jesus speaks
It is deadly to speak against the work of the Holy Spirit - denying it is Him, assigning His work to the enemy.Luke 12:10Luke 12:8-12Jesus speaks
The Holy Spirit will guide disciples in speaking when they are arrested for Jesus sake.Luke 12:11-12Luke 12:8-12Jesus speaks
Judging self-centered disputes between non-disciples of Jesus over issues of carnal items is no concern of Jesus or His disciples.Luke 12:13-15Luke 12:13-21Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus need to beware of covetousness or greed.Luke 12:15Luke 12:13-21Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus need not get caught up in 'fattening' their material life with earthly treasures.Luke 12:16-21Luke 12:13-21Jesus speaks
The disciples of Jesus are to seek those things relating to God's kingdom and not worry about mundane or transient things in this life.Luke 12:22-31Luke 12:22-31Jesus speaks
God will care for those whose priority is seeking Him and the things of His kingdom.Luke 12:22-31Luke 12:22-31Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to trust God and stop worrying.Luke 12:22-31Luke 12:22-31Jesus speaks
God gave His kingdom into the hearts of 11 disciples.Luke 12:32Luke 12:32-34Jesus speaks
Investments on earth can come to naught, but investments in the kingdom of heaven will last and pay dividends forever.Luke 12:32-33Luke 12:32-34Jesus speaks
One's investments reveal where one's heart is.Luke 12:32-34Luke 12:32-34Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to think and work with the imminent return of Jesus in their mind.Luke 12:35-40Luke 12:35-40Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus anticipate and expect Jesus to return during their watchLuke 12:35-40Luke 12:35-40Jesus speaks
God will reward and serve those disciples of His He finds ready when Christ returns.Luke 12:35-40Luke 12:35-40Jesus speaks
Faithful is the one who does as His master entrust to him.Luke 12:41-44Luke 12:41-48Jesus speaks
God rewards the faithfulness of His servants.Luke 12:41-44Luke 12:41-48Jesus speaks
Those who receive from God a trust and are unfaithful will loose rewards in the end.Luke 12:45-48Luke 12:41-48Jesus speaks
Divisions and differences can develop within a group or family when a portion become disciples of Jesus.Luke 12:49-53Luke 12:49-59Jesus speaks
The masses of people - even religiously oriented toward God people - may not see the true spiritual condition of their day.Luke 12:54-59Luke 12:49-59Jesus speaks
Jesus' life, death, and resurrection (together) is a dividing point in this life.Luke 12:49-53Luke 12:49-59Jesus speaks
God is forbearing toward those who sin.Luke 13:6-9Luke 13:1-9Jesus speaks
God wants people saved and the saved fruitful.Luke 13:1-5Luke 13:1-9Jesus speaks
One is not a worse sinner because he experiences suffering and death.Luke 13:1-5Luke 13:1-9Jesus speaks
All people need to repent and trust God alone for salvation.Luke 13:1-5Luke 13:1-9Jesus speaks
Jesus came to set people free - free from sin, infirmities, traditions, demons, etc.Luke 13:10-17Luke 13:10-17Jesus speaks
Religious traditions should not stand in the way of loving and ministering to people.Luke 13:15-16Luke 13:10-17Jesus speaks
Even common sense applied to God's ways of working can make more sense than some religious traditions.Luke 13:10-17Luke 13:10-17Jesus speaks
God's kingdom started very small in number but will grow to be huge.Luke 13:18-19Luke 13:18-21Jesus speaks
God's kingdom will impact those encountered as He massages it - works it.Luke 13:20-21Luke 13:18-21Jesus speaks
God does not intend for His kingdom to remain separate from non-kingdom people, but to actually spread to include others.Luke 13:20-21Luke 13:18-21Jesus speaks
People in God's kingdom come through the narrow way of God's only Redeemer, Jesus.Luke 13:24-25Luke 13:22-33Jesus speaks
Those who try to enter God's kingdom any other way than Jesus Christ will be refused entrance.Luke 13:22-28Luke 13:22-33Jesus speaks
Jesus determined to keep His God-given appointment with death in Jerusalem.Luke 13:31-33Luke 13:22-33Jesus speaks
Those who could be and should be the most open or most prepared to receive God's Word are actually closed to Him, resisting His Word.Luke 13:34-35Luke 13:34-35Jesus speaks
One must be willing to receive God's Word in order to actually receive it.Luke 13:34-35Luke 13:34-35Jesus speaks
A wise teacher of God's truth asks of his students the right questions - the questions they need to face.Luke 14:1-6Luke 14:1-6Jesus speaks
Ministry to others precedes the execution of religious rituals.Luke 14:1-6Luke 14:1-6Jesus speaks
Sometimes common sense is more sensible than common religious practices.Luke 14:1-6Luke 14:1-6Jesus speaks
Those in Christ who humble themselves God will exalt.Luke 14:11Luke 14:7-14Jesus speaks
Consider others more highly than yourself.Luke 14:11Luke 14:7-14Jesus speaks
Great is the blessing to those who minister to (bless) others who don't have the means to repay.Luke 14:12-14Luke 14:7-14Jesus speaks
God's blessings and rewards for service in His name may come only at the resurrection, but the rewards WILL COME.Luke 14:14Luke 14:7-14Jesus speaks
God has prepared the way of salvation and He invites all who will to come unto Him.Luke 14:15-24Luke 14:15-24Jesus speaks
God is committed to saving such as will come to Him through Jesus Christ - blind, lame, poor, etc.Luke 14:15-24Luke 14:15-24Jesus speaks
God's workers are to find those who will come and invite them into the kingdom of God.Luke 14:15-24Luke 14:15-24Jesus speaks
To be a disciple of Jesus one must put Jesus first - all else falls behind this commitment, even one's own desires.Luke 14:25-27Luke 14:25-27Jesus speaks
Jesus called the committed to step out of the crowd by proclaiming the cost required to follow Him.Luke 14:25-27Luke 14:25-27Jesus speaks
Drop outs from following Jesus will experience mocking.Luke 14:28-30Luke 14:28-35Jesus speaks
Disciples need to stay the course to the end.Luke 14:34-35Luke 14:28-35Jesus speaks
Those who would follow Jesus should intentionally count the cost of doing so.Luke 14:28-30Luke 14:28-35Jesus speaks
Those who would be disciples and followers of Jesus must forsake all else to do so.Luke 14:31-33Luke 14:28-35Jesus speaks
Jesus pursued those religiously and socially outcast as men and women who will repent.Luke 15:1-7Luke 15:1-7Jesus speaks
Jesus reached out to those who were rejected as unworthy by religious leaders.Luke 15:1-7Luke 15:1-7Jesus speaks
Jesus encourages His disciples to pursue those in need of repentance.Luke 15:1-7Luke 15:1-7Jesus speaks
Disciples and workers in God's kingdom are to go after the sinners who will repent - looking intensely for them.Luke 15:8-10Luke 15:8-32Jesus speaks
The kingdom of God is increasing in size.Luke 15:11-24Luke 15:8-32Jesus speaks
The unrepentant religious people are confused and angry when God receives the sinners.Luke 15:25-32Luke 15:8-32Jesus speaks
Those who see themselves as good fail to repent and get angry when the repentant are welcomed into God's kingdom.Luke 15:25-32 key 29Luke 15:8-32Jesus speaks
Jesus expects those He entrust to carry out those trusts.Luke 16:1-13, key 2Luke 16:1-13Jesus speaks
God will grant more trusts to those who manage well what was entrusted to them before.Luke 16:13 key 10Luke 16:1-13Jesus speaks
Devotion to God excludes similar devotion to anything or anyone else - idols, objects, enterprises, or people.Luke 16:13Luke 16:1-13Jesus speaks
God knows the heart and motive of each person.Luke 16:14-15Luke 16:14-18Jesus speaks
What mankind highly esteems is an abomination in the sight of God.Luke 16:14-15Luke 16:14-18Jesus speaks
The Word of God is the plumb line of God.Luke 16:16-17, Amos 7:8Luke 16:14-18Jesus speaks
Ignoring God's expressed standard of one man and one woman for life in marriage is always displeasing to God.Luke 16:18Luke 16:14-18Jesus speaks
If people reject the Bible - the proclamation of God's Word - to whom or to what will they listen?Luke 16:29-31Luke 16:19-31Jesus speaks
God's Word is exclaimed in order that men repent and come into God's kingdom.Luke 16:29-31Luke 16:19-31Jesus speaks
The Bible is God's primary communication tool.Luke 16:19-31Luke 16:19-31Jesus speaks
Disciples should avoid offending novice disciples.Luke 17:1-2Luke 17:1-4Jesus speaks
Offending a novice is a serious matter to God.Luke 17:1-2 key 2Luke 17:1-4Jesus speaks
Disciples are to forgive repentant disciples who sin against them.Luke 17:3-4Luke 17:1-4Jesus speaks
Disciples are to rebuke with gentleness disciples who sin against them.Luke 17:3-4Luke 17:1-4Jesus speaks
Jesus indicates that even very small amounts of faith will be effective.Luke 17:5-6Luke 17:5-10Jesus speaks
Servants - even servant disciples of Jesus - recognize we are privileged to serve the LORD and are grateful therein - not deserving special treatment, etc. from the LORD.Luke 17:7-10Luke 17:5-10Jesus speaks
The spiritually privileged may not be the ones who come to Jesus in faith with gratitude, but the underprivileged who receive and know by experience His grace.Luke 17:11-19Luke 17:11-19Jesus speaks
Those outwardly the most underserving give great glory to God when they receive God's grace.Luke 17:18Luke 17:11-19Jesus speaks
The kingdom of God is not visible to the human eye.Luke 17:20-21Luke 17:20-21Jesus speaks
God's kingdom is the rule He expresses in the heart (inner man) of each and every born again disciple.Luke 17:20-21Luke 17:20-21Jesus speaks
Where and when one's heart or life is yielded to God, He rules as King.Luke 17:20-21Luke 17:20-21Jesus speaks
There is a day coming wherein Jesus will return to earth.Luke 17:22-37Luke 17:22-37Jesus speaks
Most people will carry on as usual (as they will) even though the return of Christ to earth to rule WILL COME unexpectedly and quickly.Luke 17:22-37Luke 17:22-37Jesus speaks
It will be too late for most to repent when Jesus is revealed at His return - coming like a bolt of lightening.Luke 17:22-37Luke 17:22-37Jesus speaks
Those who depend on God seek God in prayer.Luke 18:1-8Luke 18:1-8Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to take all matters in prayer to the Father and persist therein until the Father answers.Luke 18:1-8Luke 18:1-8Jesus speaks
Disciples should not get discouraged in prayer, but continue until God answers.Luke 18:1-8Luke 18:1-8Jesus speaks
Jesus taught that the self-righteous and self-exalting are proud, judgmental, and not justified in the eyes of God.Luke 18:9-14Luke 18:9-14Jesus speaks
The humble who call on God will be justified by God and exalted by God.Luke 18:9-14Luke 18:9-14Jesus speaks
Those who humble themselves before God will receive mercy and more.Luke 18:9-14Luke 18:9-14Jesus speaks
Those who are young in age - not yet being taught false teaching - are still open to the kingdom of God.Luke 18:15-17Luke 18:15-17Jesus speaks
The kingdom of God is entered by simple, wholehearted faith in God.Luke 18:15-17Luke 18:15-17Jesus speaks
Those who will not take God at His Word - simply and wholeheartedly, will NOT enter God's kingdom.Luke 18:15-17Luke 18:15-17Jesus speaks
Those who have great earthly possessions (wealth) find it difficult to abandon trust in riches in order to gain eternal life.Luke 18:18-27Luke 18:18-27Jesus speaks
Only God an work in the life of a rich person to save them eternally.Luke 18:18-27 key 27Luke 18:18-27Jesus speaks
The riches of the rich seem to be a barrier to them entering the kingdom of God.Luke 18:18-27Luke 18:18-27Jesus speaks
God compensates in His ways every disciple for what he or she gives up for Him.Luke 18:28-30Luke 18:28-30Jesus speaks
God's compensation to His disciples is both now in this life AND in the life to come eternal.Luke 18:28-30Luke 18:28-30Jesus speaks
Being a real disciple of Jesus cost a man.Luke 18:28-30Luke 18:28-30Jesus speaks
Some truths of Scripture are hidden temporarily by God.Luke 18:31-34Luke 18:31-34Jesus speaks
The LORD foretells His servants things that are going to come to pass - which things they may or man not understand at the time.Luke 18:31-34Luke 18:31-34Jesus speaks
The LORD reveals to His servants what He is doing.Luke 18:31-34Luke 18:31-34Jesus speaks
Jesus responds to the 'faith cry' of those in need.Luke 18:41-43Luke 18:35-43Jesus speaks
Jesus did not make a show of healing someone in public.Luke 18:41-42Luke 18:35-43Jesus speaks
Jesus asked inquirers plain questions easily understood.Luke 18:35-43Luke 18:35-43Jesus speaks
Those with heart-honest answers to Jesus' questions, Jesus responded with heart-impacting answers.Luke 18:41-43Luke 18:35-43Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to seek the disassociated of this world and present to them Jesus, so He can eternally save them and associate with them.Luke 19:9-10Luke 19:1-10Jesus speaks
Jesus invites people to welcome Him into their lives.Luke 19:5Luke 19:1-10Jesus speaks
Jesus seeks the disassociated in order to save them.Luke 19:9-10Luke 19:1-10Jesus speaks
God expects a 'return with gain' on what He gives each servant of His.Luke 19:15Luke 19:11-27Jesus speaks
God will judge His servants for rewards by what was done with what He gave them.Luke 19:11-27Luke 19:11-27Jesus speaks
God's kingdom is intended to grow and His servants are the means through which the growth is to take place.Luke 19:11-27Luke 19:11-27Jesus speaks
Jesus' acts were full of God's knowledge, wisdom, and timing.Luke 19:28-40Luke 19:28-40Jesus speaks
Jesus was obedient to God even when people didn't understand His actionsLuke 19:28-40Luke 19:28-40Jesus speaks
Jesus acted according to God's revelation and God's timing.Luke 19:28-40Luke 19:28-40Jesus speaks
People can be SO close to knowing and doing God's will and yet miss it all.Luke 19:41-44Luke 19:41-44Jesus speaks
Like Jesus, disciples will experience sorrow and tears over those who could have received Jesus but would not.Luke 19:41-44Luke 19:41-44Jesus speaks
The 'best day' to be saved may be passed over by many.Luke 19:41-44Luke 19:41-44Jesus speaks
The place where God's people gather is to be known as a house of prayer.Luke 19:45-48Luke 19:45-48Jesus speaks
Gathering for prayer is an essential element in God's family.Luke 19:45-48Luke 19:45-48Jesus speaks
Jesus pointed His critics to God.Luke 20:1-8Luke 20:1-8Jesus speaks
Jesus presented critics of the gospel with opportunities to think through what God was doing around them.Luke 20:1-8Luke 20:1-8Jesus speaks
Jesus pointed His critics to circumstances that would reveal God at work in their midst.Luke 20:1-8Luke 20:1-8Jesus speaks
If those for whom God chooses to redeem shun Him, He will redeem others.Luke 20:9-18Luke 20:9-18Jesus speaks
At times, Jesus got His point across by telling a poignant story or parable.Luke 20:9-18Luke 20:9-18Jesus speaks
Some exposed to God's truth reject the truth and seal their own destiny.Luke 20:9-18Luke 20:9-18Jesus speaks
The truth and wisdom of God in Jesus are utterly profound.Luke 20:24-25Luke 20:19-26Jesus speaks
Relate to society according to its laws.Luke 20:25Luke 20:19-26Jesus speaks
Jesus knew some outside the faith were testing Him - trying to find a flaw in Him.Luke 20:22-23Luke 20:19-26Jesus speaks
Marriage is not part of the relationships in eternity future.Luke 20:34-35Luke 20:27-38Jesus speaks
There is a resurrection of the dead.Luke 20:36-38Luke 20:27-38Jesus speaks
Those in Christ are resurrected to life as sons of God.Luke 20:36-38Luke 20:27-38Jesus speaks
God lives for eternity and His children live with Him accordingly.Luke 20:27-38Luke 20:27-38Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to beware of those who espouse a relationship with God but hurt the weak, while taking public advantage of piety.Luke 20:46-47Luke 20:39-47Jesus speaks
Jesus used questions as a teaching method - even to rebuke cynics.Luke 20:39-44Luke 20:39-47Jesus speaks
It is important to know and understand the Scriptures.Luke 20:39-44Luke 20:39-47Jesus speaks
The proportion of 'giving' to assets held is recognized by God.Luke 21:1-4Luke 21:1-4Jesus speaks
God's view of the amount of a gift in His name probably differs from the view of His disciples and surely differs from the view of the world.Luke 21:1-4Luke 21:1-4Jesus speaks
The heart of the giver may prompt him or her to give all they have to God.Luke 21:4Luke 21:1-4Jesus speaks
A day of destruction will come to Jerusalem and to the earth.Luke 21:5-33 Luke 21:5-33Jesus speaks
Political and natural chaos will cover the earth one day.Luke 21:27 Luke 21:5-33Jesus speaks
Jesus will return to earth to set up a kingdom.Luke 21:27 Luke 21:5-33Jesus speaks
God's Word will stand true throughout all time.Luke 21:33 Luke 21:5-33Jesus speaks
Those disciples who live for Jesus in the last days will suffer persecutionLuke 21:12-19 Luke 21:5-33Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to keep the 'end' in view day by day.Luke 21:34-36Luke 21:34-36Jesus speaks
Hearts and minds can be weighed down by short-term issues.Luke 21:34-36Luke 21:34-36Jesus speaks
Those who are caught up in the short-term will be caught by surprise when the day of the LORD breaks through.Luke 21:34-36Luke 21:34-36Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to live, watch, and pray with the day of the LORD in mind.Luke 21:34-36Luke 21:34-36Jesus speaks
Sometimes the LORD leads His disciples in detail.Luke 22:8-13Luke 21:37-22:13Jesus speaks
God is sovereign over all resources and can bring to bear for His disciples what He wills.Luke 22:8-13Luke 21:37-22:13Jesus speaks
Disciples should seek and receive God's provision for them as they obey Him.Luke 22:8-13Luke 21:37-22:13Jesus speaks
Jesus highly valued special times or events He shared with His disciples.Luke 22:14-18Luke 22:14-18Jesus speaks
Jesus fully obeyed God - enduring all suffering - so that the kingdom of God could come into the heart of men.Luke 22:14-18Luke 22:14-18Jesus speaks
Jesus foretold as plainly as He could to His disciples His impending suffering and death.Luke 22:14-18Luke 22:14-18Jesus speaks
Jesus fully surrendered to the will of God.Luke 22:21-23Luke 22:19-23Jesus speaks
Jesus had such holy boldness and grace as to be able to eat his last meal with the one who would betray Him.Luke 22:21-23Luke 22:19-23Jesus speaks
Jesus wants His disciples to remember Him - sinless and broken for them AND substituted for them on the cross of Calvary.Luke 22:19-20Luke 22:19-23Jesus speaks
Jesus served those He came to save and those He made His disciples.Luke 22:24-27Luke 22:24-27Jesus speaks
Those in leadership among God's people are to serve those over whom they have responsibility.Luke 22:24-27Luke 22:24-27Jesus speaks
The LORD gives to whom He wills various roles, responsibilities, and honors.Luke 22:24-27Luke 22:24-27Jesus speaks
Jesus gave His men hopeful words of the future just before a 'cloudy day.'Luke 22:28-30Luke 22:28-30Jesus speaks
Those who fulfill their ministry to the end will receive a reward designed by the LORD.Luke 22:28-30Luke 22:28-30Jesus speaks
Those who will suffer and die for Jesus here - in obedience - will receive a most personal reward in heaven.Luke 22:30Luke 22:28-30Jesus speaks
Jesus prays to God for the spiritual success of His followers - even against the attacks of Satan.Luke 22:31-34Luke 22:31-34Jesus speaks
Those disciples who sin can strengthen their brethren after they repent and return to intimacy with the LORD.Luke 22:31-34Luke 22:31-34Jesus speaks
The LORD continued forward even knowing His disciples would temporarily fail.Luke 22:31-34Luke 22:31-34Jesus speaks
Jesus asked His disciples questions in order to get them to see heavenly truth.Luke 22:35Luke 22:35-38Jesus speaks
The ways in which the LORD works vary from time to time.Luke 22:35-38Luke 22:35-38Jesus speaks
The ways in which the LORD provides for His own varies from time to time and place to place.Luke 22:35-38Luke 22:35-38Jesus speaks
Disciples are always to depend upon the LORD.Luke 22:35-38Luke 22:35-38Jesus speaks
At times, prayer is more important than bodily rest.Luke 22:45-46Luke 22:39-46Jesus speaks
Jesus was concerned that His disciples would succumb to temptations.Luke 22:39-40, 46Luke 22:39-46Jesus speaks
Jesus taught and showed His disciples that prayer was in indispensable part of being a child of God.Luke 22:39-46Luke 22:39-46Jesus speaks
Jesus had a greater commitment to God's will than to a pain-free life.Luke 22:39-46 key 42Luke 22:39-46Jesus speaks
The courage, boldness, and surrender with which Jesus faced His destiny are worthy of attention.Luke 22:47-53Luke 22:47-53Jesus speaks
There is an opposition to withstand and opposition with which to cooperate - Jesus knew the difference.Luke 22:51-53Luke 22:47-53Jesus speaks
Jesus was so submitted to God's will as to allow a murdering, illegal mob to arrest Him without a struggle.Luke 22:47-53Luke 22:47-53Jesus speaks
The words of Jesus will not fail.Luke 22:61-62Luke 22:54-62Jesus speaks
Regret and agony may result from remembering the words of the LORD Jesus.Luke 22:61-62Luke 22:54-62Jesus speaks
It is fully wise to hear and heed the words spoken by Jesus.Luke 22:61-62Luke 22:54-62Jesus speaks
One who is certain of God's Word and God's will can speak God's truth even in the face of opposition and the expense of His own life.Luke 22:69-71Luke 22:63-71Jesus speaks
There are those who will not believe regardless of who bears witness of Jesus.Luke 22:66-68 key 67Luke 22:63-71Jesus speaks
Jesus knew that the ultimate authority is the right of God and it was to this authority He surrendered and obeyed.Luke 22:63-71Luke 22:63-71Jesus speaks
Jesus repeatedly warned people of the end in order to give them a God-oriented perspective.Luke 23:27-32Luke 23:1-32Jesus speaks
Sometimes it is easier - more well received - to tell a godless person God's truth than it is to tell a religious person God's truth.Luke 23:1-5 key 3Luke 23:1-32Jesus speaks
Jesus and His disciples are to forgive those who persecute them for doing God's will.Luke 23:34Luke 23:33-38Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus understand that non-followers and non-believers don't know that they are doing when they persecute obedient servants of Jesus.Luke 23:34Luke 23:33-38Jesus speaks
The LORD receives 'late-in-life' or 'last minute' expressions of faith toward Him.Luke 23:43Luke 23:39-43Jesus speaks
Committing one's all to the LORD and His Word is always right and is in season.Luke 23:43Luke 23:39-43Jesus speaks
Committing one's all to the LORD and His Word has eternal rewards.Luke 23:43Luke 23:39-43Jesus speaks
Jesus gave His life in payment for the sins of all peoples everywhere.Luke 23:46Luke 23:44-56Jesus speaks
Those in an intimate relationship with God commit their all to God daily - even in death.Luke 23:46Luke 23:44-56Jesus speaks
Jesus lived and died in communion with the Father.Luke 23:46Luke 23:44-56Jesus speaks
God reminds His children and disciples of what He has said that bears on their situation.Luke 24:7Luke 24:1-12Jesus speaks
The disciples of Jesus need to pay attention to what He says to them - how He leads them.Luke 24:7Luke 24:1-12Jesus speaks
God seeks to encourage His followers - building them up to trust Him more. Luke 24:7Luke 24:1-12Jesus speaks
Jesus used questions to get people to discuss their inner thoughts and feelings.Luke 24:17, 19Luke 24:13-32Jesus speaks
Jesus challenged His disciples' acceptance of 'conventional theology' by directing them to the Scriptures.Luke 24:25-26Luke 24:13-32Jesus speaks
Jesus wants His disciples to know and understand God's Word.Luke 24:13-32Luke 24:13-32Jesus speaks
Jesus took overt measures to show Himself to His disciples after His resurrection.Luke 24:38-39, 41Luke 24:33-43Jesus speaks
God will go to great lengths to display and reveal facets of His will and purposes.Luke 24:38-41Luke 24:33-43Jesus speaks
The resurrection of Jesus was fully demonstrated to the eleven disciples plus others.Luke 24:33-43Luke 24:33-43Jesus speaks
God's Word concerning the Messiah and Savior's first advent, life, death, and resurrection were fulfilled in Jesus.Luke 24:44-46Luke 24:44-48Jesus speaks
Disciples of Jesus are to carry the message of repentance and remission of sins to all ethnic groups.Luke 24:47-48Luke 24:44-48Jesus speaks