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Treasures for 'Jesus Speaking'

Jesus started his ministry with a picture of his death, burial, and resurrection (baptism).Matthew 3:13-17, Romans 6:3-5, 1 John 3:7Matthew 3:13-17Jesus speaking
It is right and proper for those following the LORD to do righteousness (live right) because they are righteous (up right) in character.Matthew 3:13-17, Romans 6:3-5, 1 John 3:7Matthew 3:13-17Jesus speaking
The righteous practice righteousness.Matthew 3:13-17, Romans 6:3-5, 1 John 3:7Matthew 3:13-17Jesus speaking
Fulfilling of natural desires is to be yielded to God - His time, His way, and His Word (expressed will).Matthew 4:1-4Matthew 4:1-4Jesus speaking
The devil tempts God's children to fulfill all their natural desires apart from God ("If you....").Matthew 4:1-4Matthew 4:1-4Jesus speaking
Communion with God (word...proceeds from...God) is more important than fulfilling a natural desire.Matthew 4:1-4Matthew 4:1-4Jesus speaking
God's will supersedes my needs.Matthew 4:1-4Matthew 4:1-7Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are not too presume upon God - only do what He says do.Matthew 4:7Matthew 4:1-7Jesus speaking
The devil tempts Chris- followers to pursue and possess "things" they see and want without or apart from God and His will.Matthew 4:8-10Matthew 4:1-11Jesus speaking
Jesus teaches that a relationship (personal and intimate) with God is superior to temporal possession of things.Matthew 4:8-10Matthew 4:1-11Jesus speaking
The devil tempts Christ-followers to presume upon God - pride in what one has or can do without or apart from God.Matthew 4:1-4Matthew 4:1-7Jesus speaking
Jesus teaches His disciples to put God and God's will first in all things.Matthew 4:8-10Matthew 4:1-11Jesus speaking
Those who follow after (disciples) Jesus will be made into what God wants them to be - to do.Matthew 4:18-22, Matthew 4:17Matthew 4:12-22Jesus speaking
A turning from sin and self to God always precedes entering God's kingdom.Matthew 4:17Matthew 4:12-22Jesus speaking
Jesus calls people to follow Him and become disciples.Matthew 4:18-22, Matthew 4:17Matthew 4:12-22Jesus speaking
The world and the flesh are attracted to high-spirited men, but the kingdom of heaven belongs to those poor in spirit - the humble, quiet.Matthew 5:1-3Matthew 5:1-3Jesus speaking
In God's economy, the poor (humble, lowly) in spirit are blessed, happy, to be envied.Matthew 5:1-3Matthew 5:1-3Jesus speaking
Comfort of soul will come in God's kingdom to those who have mourned.Matthew 5:4Matthew 5:4Jesus speaking
Those who mourn in this world will be comforted in God's kingdom - even blessed, happy, and envied.Matthew 5:4Matthew 5:4Jesus speaking
Those who mourn (out of death, pain, sorrow, tragedy, sickness) learn of the LORD leaning on Him as they do and thus are blessed and to be envied.Matthew 5:4Matthew 5:4Jesus speaking
God blesses those Christ-followers who are very strong and able yet who are controlled under the Holy Spirit in meekness.Matthew 5:5Matthew 5:5Jesus speaking
Those who are meek (very strong, but under the Holy Spirit, not putting forth their power) will inherit the earth (rewards here).Matthew 5:5Matthew 5:5Jesus speaking
Those in Christ who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled with righteousness by God.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:6Jesus speaking
Those Christ-followers who desperately want to live is Christ (right in God's eyes) God will certainly see to it.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:6Jesus speaking
Blessed, happy, to be in seat are those who seek righteousness - right living from God's viewpoint.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:6Jesus speaking
Those in Christ who extend mercy to others will themselves obtain mercy.Matthew 5:7Matthew 5:7Jesus speaking
Mercy-givers are blessed, happy, and to be envied.Matthew 5:7Matthew 5:7Jesus speaking
Been a merciful person is being like God who is merciful.Matthew 5:7Matthew 5:7Jesus speaking
Acts of Mercy so impact the broken, hungry, ill, pour, rejected as well as others, too.Matthew 5:7Matthew 5:7Jesus speaking
Christ-followers want and need to seek God at work.Matthew 5:8Matthew 5:8Jesus speaking
One whose heart is solely dedicated to God will see God at work.Matthew 5:8Matthew 5:8Jesus speaking
Blessed, happy, to be envied are those whose heart is singularly on the LORD.Matthew 5:8Matthew 5:8Jesus speaking
Worldly and fleshly appetites distract one from seeing God.Matthew 5:8Matthew 5:8Jesus speaking
Since Jesus came to make peace between God and man, so his disciples who bring the message of peace with God will be called children of God.Matthew 5:9Matthew 5:9Jesus speaking
Blessed, happy, to be envied are those Christ-followers who bring God's peace to others.Matthew 5:9Matthew 5:9Jesus speaking
Peacemaking or reconciliation is what Christ-followers and bring to a situation.Matthew 5:9Matthew 5:9Jesus speaking
Some Christ-followers will be persecuted for doing what God says is right, living right from God's perspective, or simply obeying God.Matthew 5:10Matthew 5:10Jesus speaking
Those who are persecuted for obeying God have the kingdom of heaven as theirs.Matthew 5:10Matthew 5:10Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus will draw to themselves "reviling and persecution" from religious leaders simply because they are diligently following Jesus.Matthew 5:11Matthew 5:11Jesus speaking
Faithful disciples of Jesus should rejoice that they draw reviling and persecution - they will be rewarded in heaven for their faithful following of Jesus.Matthew 5:11-12Matthew 5:11-12Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus are to be like salt to people (1) make life taste better, (2) make others thirsty for Jesus, and (3) preserve life and culture from spoiling.Matthew 5:13Matthew 5:13Jesus speaking
A life not salty is worthless.Matthew 5:13Matthew 5:13Jesus speaking
How does salt lose its saltiness? (1) too little of it, (2) gets watered down, or (3) never gets used or applied (isolated from life).Matthew 5:13Matthew 5:13Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus are to do the good works openly which God has ordained for each to do.Matthew 5:14-16, Ephesians 2:10Matthew 5:14-16Jesus speaking
The good works of Christ's disciples are a "light" of testimony to the glory of God.Matthew 5:14-16Matthew 5:14-16Jesus speaking
Jesus honored (by fulfilling and keeping) God's Word - the law and the prophets.Matthew 5:17-18Matthew 5:17-18Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus are to honor, keep, and obey God's Word.Matthew 5:17-18Matthew 5:17-18Jesus speaking
God's Word does not become archaic to those in relationship to God.Matthew 5:17-18Matthew 5:17-18Jesus speaking
God's Word is the plumbline for living and for ministry.Matthew 5:17-18Matthew 5:17-18Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus emphasized doing what God commands.Matthew 5:19Matthew 5:19Jesus speaking
One who does God's commands is in a good position to teach God's commands.Matthew 5:19Matthew 5:19Jesus speaking
Those who break God's commands and teach others the same will suffer loss in God's kingdom.Matthew 5:19Matthew 5:19Jesus speaking
Righteousness of external only conformity to religious teaching, even God's Word, is inadequate to obtain entrance into God's kingdom.Matthew 5:20Matthew 5:20Jesus speaking
Heart belief and commitment in God's Word is essential to obtain entrance into God's kingdom.Matthew 5:20Matthew 5:20Jesus speaking
Furthermore, such sinful attitudes and actions (unconfessed) prevent one's worship of God.Matthew 5:22-24Matthew 5:21-26Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to seek reconciliation with the offended ones before worship of God.Matthew 5:23-24Matthew 5:21-26Jesus speaking
Unrighteous anger, condemnation, and ugly criticism of others are put by Jesus in the category with murder and therefore condemned.Matthew 5:21-22Matthew 5:21-26Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to keep their bodies and minds sexually pure.Matthew 5:27-32Matthew 5:27-32Jesus speaking
Adultery of heart or mind, self-gratification, and physical adultery are sinful, wrong in God's eyes.Matthew 5:27-32Matthew 5:27-32Jesus speaking
God intends that Christ-followers remain married the original partner and that they both be sexually true to one another.Matthew 5:27-32Matthew 5:27-32Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are not to swear oaths or vows to do or not to do something but simply do the will of God.Matthew 5:33-37Matthew 5:33-37Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to let God's Spirit direct them as they go.Matthew 5:33-37Matthew 5:33-37Jesus speaking
Followers of Jesus are not to retaliate for wrongs done to them.Matthew 5:38-42Matthew 5:38-42Jesus speaking
Give to those who ask to borrow.Matthew 5:38-42Matthew 5:38-42Jesus speaking
Jesus would have His followers do something extra, beneficial, or blessed unexpected" to those who coerce or compel certain actions.Matthew 5:38-42Matthew 5:38-42Jesus speaking
Treating these this way expresses our Father's nature which is at work in us - Christ-followers.Matthew 5:45Matthew 5:43-48Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to be like (express) the Father.Matthew 5:43-48Matthew 5:43-48Jesus speaking
Treat others (enemies, curse you, hate you, spite you) as your Father treats you - love, bless, do good, and pray for them.Matthew 5:43-48Matthew 5:43-48Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to express God's love by doing charitable deeds for others.Matthew 6:1-4Matthew 6:1-4Jesus speaking
God will reward the doer of charitable deeds to does so without fanfare.Matthew 6:1-4Matthew 6:1-4Jesus speaking
Charitable deeds done to get the attention of others reaps only a temporary reward - the attention of others.Matthew 6:1-4Matthew 6:1-4Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are not to pray "for show," but privately to the LORD.Matthew 6:5-6Matthew 6:5-6Jesus speaking
The LORD will reward openly the private prayer of faith.Matthew 6:5-6Matthew 6:5-6Jesus speaking
Prayer is my intimate communion with my Father who loves me.Matthew 6:5-6Matthew 6:5-6Jesus speaking
My praying should be to the point, in private, and personal.Matthew 6:5-6Matthew 6:5-6Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are not to use empty repetitious prayers toward God - like the prayers of those who have no relationship with God.Matthew 6:7-8Matthew 6:7-8Jesus speaking
Praying to God is so much more than simply saying words to God.Matthew 6:7-8Matthew 6:7-8Jesus speaking
God knows what His children need.Matthew 6:7-8Matthew 6:7-8Jesus speaking
God doesn't have to be told over and over.Matthew 6:7-8Matthew 6:7-8Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are invited to approach God as Father when praying.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
The LORD is up in heaven - over all things.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
Children go to the father to provide their needs.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are a family under God the Father - brothers and sisters.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
The name of God stands alone as the one and only Creator and Savior, GOD.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
The name of God is precious, set apart, unique, reflects His character, deserves honor and full respect from me, and is worthy of worship.Matthew 6:9Matthew 6:9Jesus speaking
God has a kingdom.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
There is a kingdom in which God reigns.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
God's kingdom is coming as more and more disciples are made - who in God rules.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
Christ-followers have a burden for others to come into God's kingdom.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to intercede for others to be saved - God's kingdom increased.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
God wants His children to submit to Him - doing His will.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
God's will on earth is not automatic, but requires prayer by Christ-followers.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
It is not enough to know God's will - Christ-followers are called to do God's will.Matthew 6:10Matthew 6:10Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to trust in God daily to meet their essential needs.Matthew 6:11Matthew 6:11Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to live in daily dependence upon God.Matthew 6:11Matthew 6:11Jesus speaking
God does not have to supply my essential needs in advance - only in time of the need.Matthew 6:11Matthew 6:11Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to forgive the sins and offenses towards them committed by others just like God forgives His children when they ask.Matthew 6:12Matthew 6:12Jesus speaking
A Christ-follower should be quick to confess his or her sins to God.Matthew 6:12Matthew 6:12Jesus speaking
Unconfessed sins can hinder fellowship and communication between God and His children.Matthew 6:12Matthew 6:12Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to ask with faith that God deliver them from the evil one to avoid temptations to sin presented by the evil one.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to lean on the LORD in resisting temptations and the Tempter.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
God wants His children to live righteously.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
"The Kingdom" is God's kingdom.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
"The power" is God's power.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
"The glory" is God's glory.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
God's kingdom, God's power, and God's glory are forever. Christ-followers need to be leaving operated under these three truths.Matthew 6:13Matthew 6:13Jesus speaking
Forgiveness is to be a constant practice by Christ-followers.Matthew 6:14-15Matthew 6:14-15Jesus speaking
Holding grudges or offenses is unacceptable in the life of a Christ-follower.Matthew 6:14-15Matthew 6:14-15Jesus speaking
Christ-followers only have to realize how much God has forgiven in them if they would hold back forgiveness from another.Matthew 6:14-15Matthew 6:14-15Jesus speaking
Those who perform external religious activities to be seen by others will have their reward only by being seen - not a reward from God.Matthew 6:16-18Matthew 6:16-18Jesus speaking
Seeking God in fasting and prayer is to be a personal, private matter focused Godward -such, God will reward openly as He wills.Matthew 6:16-18Matthew 6:16-18Jesus speaking
The priority investment focus for Christ-followers is to be heavenward.Matthew 6:19-20Matthew 6:19-21Jesus speaking
One's heart will be in alignment with where their treasurer is invested.Matthew 6:21Matthew 6:19-21Jesus speaking
Treasure stored in heaven have a sure reward and cannot be stolen or destroyed by rust.Matthew 6:21Matthew 6:19-21Jesus speaking
When a disciple of Jesus has "seeing" spiritual eyes, his whole life is enlightened - enhanced.Matthew 6:22-23Matthew 6:22-23Jesus speaking
If one is spiritually blind, he can't see spiritual matters.Matthew 6:22-23Matthew 6:22-23Jesus speaking
Seeing spiritually is part of what makes a Christ-follower able to walk upright and obey God.Matthew 6:22-23Matthew 6:22-23Jesus speaking
Man can only be devoted fully to one master at a time.Matthew 6:24Matthew 6:24Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus could either be devoted to money or to God, but not both.Matthew 6:24Matthew 6:24Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus need to be fully devoted to Him only.Matthew 6:24Matthew 6:24Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to focus their attention on seeking and investing in God's kingdom - a kingdom marked by obedience to God.Matthew 6:25-34Matthew 6:25-34Jesus speaking
What one eats, drinks, and wears can be very humble (simplest of essentials) and still adequate.Matthew 6:25-34Matthew 6:25-34Jesus speaking
God will see to it that the essentials of life are available to those who love Him and seek Him daily.Matthew 6:25-34Matthew 6:25-34Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to avoid judgmental attitudes toward others.Matthew 7:1-5Matthew 7:1-5Jesus speaking
Judging others will result in the same kind of judgment returning upon you.Matthew 7:1-5Matthew 7:1-5Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to first humbly, genuinely deal with their own sins before humbly approaching another to correct them.Matthew 7:1-5Matthew 7:1-5Jesus speaking
There are some individuals so vehemently against the LORD, it is better not to preach at them - as they will find or attack you.Matthew 7:6Matthew 7:6Jesus speaking
Those who seek God in the matters of God will receive what they Why? Because God and His Spirit are drawing them to Himself.Matthew 7:7-11Matthew 7:7-11Jesus speaking
The Father will give (through the prayers of His children) what is good from His viewpoint.Matthew 7:7-11Matthew 7:7-11Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to treat others as they want others to treat them - not judging or judgemental, but with grace.Matthew 7:12Matthew 7:12Jesus speaking
God has opened a narrow gate to His kingdom - only through Jesus does one enter.Matthew 7:13-14Matthew 7:13-14Jesus speaking
Few - in comparison to all - find and enter into God's kingdom.Matthew 7:13-14Matthew 7:13-14Jesus speaking
Wide is the way to enter into destruction - most all are on this road.Matthew 7:13-14Matthew 7:13-14Jesus speaking
Life is in Jesus.Matthew 7:13-14Matthew 7:13-14Jesus speaking
False prophets can be identified by their fruit - character, conduct, and converts.Matthew 7:15-20Matthew 7:15-20Jesus speaking
The pretender can not to produce genuine fruit.Matthew 7:15-20Matthew 7:15-20Jesus speaking
Christ-followers are to beware of those pretending to be evangelical proclaimers - really false prophets.Matthew 7:15-20Matthew 7:15-20Jesus speaking
The will of God is to trust God and do what He says.Matthew 7:21-23Matthew 7:21-23Jesus speaking
There are some who get involved in God's kind of work who do not trust in Him nor do what He says - who will not enter God's kingdom.Matthew 7:21-23Matthew 7:21-23Jesus speaking
The wisest thing a Christ-follower can do is do what God says to him or her.Matthew 7:24-27Matthew 7:24-27Jesus speaking
Obeying or implementing God's Word is the wisest choice to a Christ-follower.Matthew 7:24-27Matthew 7:24-27Jesus speaking
Failing to obey or implement God's Word can result in a collapse of life and ministry.Matthew 7:24-27Matthew 7:24-27Jesus speaking
Those disciples in dynamic relationship with God should be or could be teaching God's Word and its truths with heavenly authority.Matthew 7:28-29Matthew 7:28-29Jesus speaking
Teaching with heavenly authority is recognizable because it is teaching by God's Spirit through a Spirit-filled disciple of Jesus.Matthew 7:28-29Matthew 7:28-29Jesus speaking
Those in need who come to Jesus (believing Jesus can heal them) desiring to be healed - if ONLY Jesus is willing to heal them.Matthew 8:1-4Matthew 8:1-4Jesus speaking
Those who are sick should come to Jesus to be healed - if healing is His will for them.Matthew 8:1-4Matthew 8:1-4Jesus speaking
Those who will seek God work His work are those who express actual faith in God - believing He is God, over all, and that He rewards those who trust in Him.Matthew 8:5-13Matthew 8:5-13Jesus speaking
Those who act upon the LORD's "I will..." by believing Him will see the LORD complete the "I will...."Matthew 8:5-13, Matthew 8:7Matthew 8:5-13Jesus speaking
Jesus life of obedience to the Father resulted in many prophetic Scriptures being fulfilled.Matthew 8:14-17Matthew 8:14-17Jesus speaking
Those who walk in the footprints of Jesus have compassion on the family members of those who serve Him.Matthew 8:14-17Matthew 8:14-17Jesus speaking
Healing sick and casting out demons are part of fulfilling the role of a disciple under Jesus.Matthew 8:14-17Matthew 8:14-17Jesus speaking
Following Jesus is about "now," not later.Matthew 8:18-22Matthew 8:18-22Jesus speaking
Following Jesus comes at a cost - primarily commitment and time.Matthew 8:18-22Matthew 8:18-22Jesus speaking
"Would be" disciples should first count the cost, THEN follow - otherwise there will be a "turning back."Matthew 8:18-22Matthew 8:18-22Jesus speaking
Disciples may experience fear in a storm of life when the disciples fail to trust God to be God.Matthew 8:23-27Matthew 8:23-27Jesus speaking
Even disciples of Jesus may well have more to learn of Him.Matthew 8:23-27Matthew 8:23-27Jesus speaking
Jesus exercise the authority over elements of nature.Matthew 8:23-27Matthew 8:23-27Jesus speaking
The LORD is sovereign over fallen angels or demons.Matthew 8:28-34Matthew 8:28-34Jesus speaking
Sometimes the pragmatic outcome of "God working" is for observers to want God and His disciples to leave.Matthew 8:28-34Matthew 8:28-34Jesus speaking
God's work sometimes draws attention, but the attenders decide they don't want more of God's work.Matthew 8:28-34Matthew 8:28-34Jesus speaking
Jesus heals the sick when faith is present in a friend who intercedes.Matthew 9:2Matthew 9:1-8Jesus speaking
When God works through a Spirit-filled, obedient servant, God gets the glory.Matthew 9:8Matthew 9:1-8Jesus speaking
Jesus draws a likeness between "your sins are forgiven you" and "take up your bed and go to your house."Matthew 9:2Matthew 9:1-8Jesus speaking
Those in need are drawn to One who can meet their need.Matthew 9:10-12Matthew 9:9-13Jesus speaking
God extensions mercy to those who is in brokenness yield themselves to Him.Matthew 9:10-12Matthew 9:9-13Jesus speaking
Those who vainly follow religious protocols may miss God altogether.Matthew 9:10-12Matthew 9:9-13Jesus speaking
Some disciples of Jesus may wonder why other disciples carry on their work with Jesus differently - even slightly different.Matthew 9:14-15Matthew 9:14-15Jesus speaking
Fasting is to be part of the experience of Christ-followers.Matthew 9:14-15Matthew 9:14-15Jesus speaking
The Holy Spirit will lead disciples to fast.Matthew 9:14-15Matthew 9:14-15Jesus speaking
Those who are like an old garment or wineskin cannot bare or contain something new God is doing.Matthew 9:16-17Matthew 9:16-17Jesus speaking
God will do a new work in and with those disciples who are "unshrunk cloth" or "new wineskins" - flexible to how, when, and what He will direct.Matthew 9:16-17Matthew 9:16-17Jesus speaking
God will receive and reveal Himself even more to the one who worships Him as the One Who Satisfies.Matthew 9:18-26Matthew 9:18-26Jesus speaking
Worship of God is expressed by one putting his full dependence upon God as the One Who Satisfies.Matthew 9:18-26Matthew 9:18-26Jesus speaking
God receives religious people who turn from their religion to trust solely in Him.Matthew 9:18-26Matthew 9:18-26Jesus speaking
Even the unsaved marvel at the work of the LORD.Matthew 9:27-35Matthew 9:27-35Jesus speaking
The presence of Jesus makes situations different than they ever were before.Matthew 9:27-35Matthew 9:27-35Jesus speaking
Those who experience the presence of the LORD and His power are changed and tell others about Jesus.Matthew 9:27-35Matthew 9:27-35Jesus speaking
Christ-followers and searchers not connected to Christ body or disciples are not in a good position, but need to join the flock and have a shepherd.Matthew 9:36-38Matthew 9:36-38Jesus speaking
Obedient Christ-followers are challenged to pray for and assist in raising up the next batch of workers for Christ.Matthew 9:36-38Matthew 9:36-38Jesus speaking
God gives to His servants the abilities they will need to carry out the assignment He gives them.Matthew 10:1-8Matthew 10:1-8Jesus speaking
God deliberately choose His disciples by name for tasks in His kingdom.Matthew 10:1-8Matthew 10:1-8Jesus speaking
God's assignments may include what not to do as well as what to do.Matthew 10:1-8Matthew 10:1-8Jesus speaking
After showing by example how to minister and preach the gospel, it is important for the discipler to send out his or her disciples to actually put into practice what they have observed in the discipler - at least in a limited setting.Matthew 10:5-10Matthew 10:5-10Jesus speaking
Apostles and evangelist should lodge with those who are genuinely open to their gospel message.Matthew 10:11-15Matthew 10:11-15Jesus speaking
Favorable response or openness should be tested thoroughly.Matthew 10:11-15Matthew 10:11-15Jesus speaking
Apostles and evangelist should not lodge in a home or location where their gospel message is rejected.Matthew 10:11-15Matthew 10:11-15Jesus speaking
God will more severely judge those families and towns who reject apostles and evangelists.Matthew 10:11-15Matthew 10:11-15Jesus speaking
Disciples are to be wise and harmless in ministry - making peace, not stirring up trouble.Matthew 10:16-23Matthew 10:16-23Jesus speaking
Most religious people and institutions would like to stop real Christ-followers from carrying out Christ's commission and commandment.Matthew 10:16-23Matthew 10:16-23Jesus speaking
God's Spirit will inspire obedient disciples when responding to persecution.Matthew 10:16-23Matthew 10:16-23Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus should expect the same treatment given Jesus by the same kind of people.Matthew 10:24-25Matthew 10:24-33Jesus speaking
God will reveal to His servants what He wants them to teach or preach.Matthew 10:26-27Matthew 10:24-33Jesus speaking
Disciples are to trust God as they obey His leadership.Matthew 10:28-31Matthew 10:24-33Jesus speaking
Genuine disciples acknowledge their relationship with Jesus.Matthew 10:32-33Matthew 10:24-33Jesus speaking
Following Jesus Christ intimately will result in the breakdown of some relationships - loss of some relationships.Matthew 10:34-37Matthew 10:34-39Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus put their relationship with the Father as the PREMIER relationship - all others are subordinate.Matthew 10:34-37Matthew 10:34-39Jesus speaking
A disciple of Jesus is ONLY the one who follows continually after Jesus - losing his own life for Jesus' sake.Matthew 10:38-39Matthew 10:34-39Jesus speaking
When one receives or welcomes a Christ-follower as such, that one is receiving and welcoming Christ as well as the Father.Matthew 10:40-42Matthew 10:40-42Jesus speaking
Receiving and ministering to Christ's servants because they are Christ's servants brings a reward that will not fail.Matthew 10:40-42Matthew 10:40-42Jesus speaking
The actions or works Jesus did revealed His person and power.Matthew 11:1-6Matthew 11:1-6Jesus speaking
Is my target audience made up of the blind, lame, lepers, deaf, dead, and poor?Matthew 11:1-6Matthew 11:1-6Jesus speaking
A disciple of Jesus is not offended because of Jesus.Matthew 11:1-6Matthew 11:1-6Jesus speaking
Disciples of Jesus should ask the question of their actions and works today, "What is revealed of the person and power of God in what I am doing?"Matthew 11:1-6Matthew 11:1-6Jesus speaking
Doses speak for God need God's Spirit to reveal His word to them in order to have His thoughts to speak.Matthew 11:7-15Matthew 11:7-15Jesus speaking
Not everybody in God's family has equal rewards or status.Matthew 11:11Matthew 11:7-15Jesus speaking
Only some are prepared by God to receive particular revelation from God at a particular time.Matthew 11:13-15Matthew 11:7-15Jesus speaking
So many people of our day excuse away God's messengers - too much of this or too little of that, etc.Matthew 11:16-19Matthew 11:16-19Jesus speaking
The fruit God brings out of ministry (His ministry through this one or that one) will justify or validate the ministry.Matthew 11:16-19Matthew 11:16-19Jesus speaking
There are degrees of suffering in hell.Matthew 11:20-24Matthew 11:20-24Jesus speaking
Those who hear the Gospel and see works of God through sent ones yet fail to repent will suffer greater in the day of God's judgment.Matthew 11:20-24Matthew 11:20-24Jesus speaking
There is such a thing as a citywide or regional rejection of God and His redemption - hence, a citywide or regional word of condemnation.Matthew 11:20-24Matthew 11:20-24Jesus speaking
God is Father and LORD of heaven and earth.Matthew 11:25-26Matthew 11:25-26Jesus speaking
God hides His presence and activities from the worlds wise men and reveals Himself and His activities to simple Christ-followers.Matthew 11:25-26Matthew 11:25-26Jesus speaking
God does what is good in His view.Matthew 11:25-26Matthew 11:25-26Jesus speaking
Jesus was led by the Father is all He did in His earthly ministry.Matthew 11:27Matthew 11:27Jesus speaking
The Father and Son have a unique relationship.Matthew 11:27Matthew 11:27Jesus speaking
No one knows the Father unless the Son chooses to reveal the Father to him or her.Matthew 11:27Matthew 11:27Jesus speaking
Disciples are dependent upon revelation from God to know Him and His work.Matthew 11:27, 1 Corinthians 2:6-14Matthew 11:27Jesus speaking
Being "in our God-given assignment" (yoke) with Jesus makes it easy and weight of the assignment lightMatthew 11:28-30Matthew 11:28-30Jesus speaking
Those who come into relationship with Jesus learn while carrying out the assigned ministry that He is gentle and humble - even giving rest to the soul of the minister.Matthew 11:28-30Matthew 11:28-30Jesus speaking