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Treasures for 'Jesus'

Those sent with the gospel may begin by telling the life of Jesus.Mark 1:1Mark 1:1gospel, Jesus, One sent
Jesus Christ is the Son of God.Mark 1:1Mark 1:1Son of God, Jesus, Deity
Jesus identified with man without becoming a sinner.Mark 1:9Mark 1:9Jesus, sinless
Jesus speaks the truth regardless of the circumstances.Mark 5:39Mark 5:39Jesus, truth
Jesus didn't need or desire public advertisement.Mark 5:42,43Mark 5:42,43Jesus, Advertise
External conformity is SO inferior to a personal relationship with Jesus.Mark 7:1-8Mark 7:1-8Jesus, personal relationship, External conformity
People bring those in need to Jesus who can make a real difference.Mark 8:22-26Mark 8:22-26Jesus, need
The issue is not what people say about Jesus, but what do YOU say about Jesus.Mark 8:29Mark 8:29Personal beliefs, Jesus
The name of Jesus is powerful.Mark 9:38, 39Mark 9:38,39Jesus, powerful, Name of Jesus
Those in need should cry out to Jesus for mercy.Mark 10:46,47Mark 10:46,47Jesus, mercy, need
Jesus was rejected by His own.Mark 12:10,11Mark 12:10,11Jesus, Rejected, rejection
Jesus will come to the aid and defense of those who worship Him.Mark 14:6-9Mark 14:6-9Worship, defense, Jesus
Woe to the one who betrays Jesus.Mark 14:21Mark 14:21Jesus, Betray, woe
Jesus foretold in word pictures what was going to happen to Himself.Mark 14:22-25Mark 14:22-25Jesus, Foretold, word pictures, future
Jesus is now at the right hand of God in heaven.Mark 16:19Mark 16:19Jesus, Heaven, right hand
Satan had no leverage or foothold in Jesus.John 14:30John 14:28-31Jesus, God's will, satan
It is essential as a believing disciple of Jesus Christ to (1) know for certain Jesus is the Son of God, (2) sent by God into the world as Savior (3) believing and receiving the words and teachings of Jesus as God's Word, Truth, (4) believing God 'sourced' the life and ministry of Jesus - direction, power, healings, riasing the dead, ruling over nature, victory over sin, wisdom in all Scripture, and (5) keeping a hold on God's Word (a recepticle to believe and apply God's Word).John 17:6-8John 17:6-8Jesus, believer, disciples