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Treasures for 'Intimacy With God'

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Those God would greatly use, by His grace, come to recognize God's face - intimacy with God.Genesis 32:28-30, Psalm 27:8, Colossians 3:1-2Genesis 32:28-30God's Presence, God's Purposes, Intimacy With God
God initiates encounters with select people and grants encounters with Himself so the select one(s) will know God more intimately or understand His Word more clearly.Genesis 35:1-15Genesis 35:1-15Experience God, Know God, Intimacy With God
Those IN CHRIST belong to the LORD God who is present - not historical nor future, I AM; also revealed as Jehovah-Shammah.Exodus 3:14, Ezekiel 48:35Exodus 3:1-22God Is Near, God's Character, Intimacy With God
Those called of God and walking intimately with God can depend on God to teach them (reveal to them) what they need to know to do His will.Exodus 4:12-15, John 8:28, John 12:49-50Exodus 4:12-15God Teaches, Walking With God, Intimacy With God
Believers meet with God based on the finished work of Christ (mercy seat) and the Word of God (testimony).Exodus 25:22Exodus 25:1-22God's Word, Intimacy With God, Christ's Work
Some are so deeply impacted by the presence of God they don't want the experience to end.Exodus 33:11Exodus 33:11Experience God, God's Presence, Intimacy With God
If God has withdrawn Himself from the current plan of action, the people of God should stop and reconnect intimately with God.Deuteronomy 1:42-43Deuteronomy 1:40-43Know God, God's Will, Intimacy With God
Those who are in relationship with the LORD and live according to His Word must diligently KEEP their relationship dynamic, fresh, and authentic.Deuteronomy 4:9Deuteronomy 4:6-9Relationship With The Lord, Intimacy With God, Obedience
The relationship one has with God is based in the heart - not simply an external religious exercise.Deuteronomy 6:4-6Deuteronomy 6:4-6Relationship With The Lord, Heart, Intimacy With God
One should seriously consider whether or not his relationship with God is real, dynamic, relevant, heart-based, and resulting in Christ-like transformation.Deuteronomy 6:10-12Deuteronomy 6:10-12Relationship With The Lord, Genuine, Intimacy With God
There is a sure or certain tendency among those who know the LORD to 'forget the LORD' - drop Him from one's conscious mind - and fail to walk intimately with Him when their life is filled with a few pleasures, a few nice things, a periodic appeasement of a religious urge (a prayer here and there, a little money donated now and again), and a regularly irregular participation in their church.Deuteronomy 6:10-12Deuteronomy 6:10-12Forget God, Intimacy With God, Remember
The man of God who (out of intimacy) has received God's instructions or directions can fasten himself on what God said and resolutely proceed to do God's expressed will while avoiding fear and discouragement - all because he knows God is with him in his obedience by faith.Joshua 1:1-9Joshua 1:1-9Obedience, Faithfulness, Intimacy With God
Those who walk in intimacy with the LORD are like the sun shinning at noon - shine forth the glory of the LORD who dwells within them.Judges 5:31, John 10:10, John 14:21 and 23Judges 5:31Testimony, Intimacy With God, Indwelling Spirit
Spiritual leaders need to have an intimate relationship (including two-sided dialog) with God in order to lead God's people properly.1 Samuel 9:14-191 Samuel 9:14-19Intimacy With God, Relationship With The Lord, Spiritual Leaders
God has always said, 'If you walk according to my Word, I will commune with you.'1 Kings 6:11-13, John 14:15-231 Kings 6communion with God, intimacy with God, obedience
The manifest presence of God (which comes to His children in close communion with Him) is conditioned on honoring God's Word with obedience by faith out of devotion to Him.1 Kings 9:3-91 Kings 9God's Word, intimacy with God, presence of God
Those who walk intimately with the LORD have an understanding and respect for the might and power of the LORD.Psalm 6:1-2Psalm 6:1-2Walking With God, God's Power, Intimacy With God
Those IN CHRIST who pursue God’s heart desire to see God exalted.Psalm 21:13Psalm 21:1-13God's Glory, Intimacy With God, God's Heart
The high priority of each Christ-follower should be to experience the presence of the LORD and all which comes with it.Psalm 27:4Psalm 27:1-14Experience God, God's Presence, Intimacy With God
Christ-followers in distress should know to (1) draw near to God, (2) lay their requests before God, and (3) remember (a) how real God is and (b) His previous answers to prayer.Psalm 28:1-9Psalm 28:1-9Answers To Prayer, Daily Prayer, Intimacy With God
Those IN CHRIST who chase after God's heart experience anguish over their own sins.Psalm 38:18Psalm 38:18Admit Sins, Anguish, Intimacy With God
In the midst of God's discipline (training) of His people, they may be heard to cry, "Restore us to a place of intimacy with You, oh LORD."Psalm 80:1-19Psalm 80:1-19Discipline, God Works, Intimacy With God
Those who would know the LORD intimately yield or submit their heart to Him, bowing down and kneeling before the LORD God.Psalm 95:6Psalm 95:6Yielding, Intimacy With God, Submission
Those IN CHRIST who walk by faith in open communion with God are among the likes of Moses, Aaron, Samuel, and David.Psalm 99:6-8Psalm 99:6-8Walking With God, Family Of God, Intimacy With God
Having a potent personal encounter with the Father is not meant to frighten a Christ-follower but deepen the intimacy of his relationship with the Father.Matthew 17:5-7Matthew 17:5-7Experience God, Relationship With The Lord, Intimacy With God
Sometimes those not so intimate with the LORD express resentment toward those who experience greater intimacy with the LORD.Mark 10:41Mark 10:35-41Fellowship With God, Intimacy With God, Resentment
Disciples come to know more of the LORD over time - interacting with Him.Luke 8:22-25Luke 8:22-25Know God, God Reveals, Intimacy With God
Those who stay intimately connected with Jesus Christ will bear much fruit.John 15:5John 15:1-5communion with God, fruitfulness, intimacy with God
The obedient by faith experience an ongoing intimacy with the LORD.John 15:9-10John 15:9-10presence of God, obedience, intimacy with God
Christ-followers need to know and live on this - Christ in us completely satisfies / fills / levels up our relationship with God.Colossians 2:9-10Colossians 2new covenant, Christ-followers, intimacy with God