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Treasures for 'Intimacy'

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Those men IN CHRIST are to focus their sexual desires and intimacy desires on their own wife, not another's wife.Deuteronomy 5:21Deuteronomy 5:20-21Intimacy, Love Your Wife, Sexual Desires
Our God is also personally involved with us - His creation and re-creation in Christ - through our prayers (calling out) and His answers to our prayers.Psalm 99:1-9Psalm 99:1-9answers, prayer, intimacy
Those IN CHRIST walking in an intimate relationship with the LORD, even in an idolatrous culture, will recognize a God-appointed opportunity, courageously declare God's revelation (Truth), and point gloriously to God as their Source.Daniel 2:24-28Daniel 2:17-28Idolatrous Culture, Intimacy, Witness
God interacts on a grace basis with the prayers of those IN CHRIST who walk intimately with Him.Daniel 9:20-22Daniel 9:20-27Prayer, Intimacy, God's Favor
Profound, prophetic messages may be given by God to one in a remnant in a day of general apostasy - a faithful, loved one, prayerful one, obedient one, chosen one.Daniel 9:20-27Daniel 9:20-27God's Word, Intimacy, Revelation
Those who have had a dynamic life-changing experience with Jesus Christ will not likely be aware of nor get caught up in trivial, external religious rules.John 5:6-11John 5:1-47Eternal Life, Intimacy, External Religion
Those with whom the LORD Jesus Christ enters a personal relationship by faith (1) hear Him speak and (2) follow His lead - communion with the Father and walking with God are IN the relationship with Jesus Christ.John 10:27John 10:1-42Christ-followers, God Speaks, Intimacy
Those who are in an intimate daily walk with the LORD doing what He says out of a love relationship (1) are to express a servant heart toward others in the body of Christ, (2) express love to others in the body of Christ, (3) experience ever-more open communication with the LORD, (4) are taught and guided by the Holy Spirit, (5) will experience peace in a troublesome and antagonistic world, (6) will bear much fruit, (7) experience ever-increasing joy, (8) and IN CHRIST experience overcoming (to prevail, to conquer, victorious) the world.John 13, 14, 15, 16John 13, 14, 15, 16in Christ, intimacy
"OUR HOME" - the LORD and our Father abide intimately - personally, experientially, continually - in the life of each one IN CHRIST who is trusting in God and doing His will out of love.John 14:23John 14:1-31Abide, Intimacy, Obedience
The one who has real intimacy with the LORD is the one who (1) has God's Word and (2) applies (obeys) it daily out of love and devotion to the LORD.John 14:21John 14:21love God, intimacy, obedience
Love for and devotion to the LORD are expressed by doing what He says (obedience).John 14:21John 14:21love God, intimacy, obedience
A love relationship between a Christ-follower and his LORD awaits those who have God's Word and obdy the Word out of love for the LORD.John 14:21John 14:21love God, intimacy, obedience
Those IN CHRIST can see what those outside of Christ cannot see.John 14:21-22John 14:21-23love God, intimacy, obedience
The Father and the Son promise to (1) pressent Themselves or make Themselves REAL to those disciples who by faith do what He says and (2) to agape love those disciples who love the LORD and obey the Word of God.John 14:21John 14:21love God, intimacy, obedience
Those walking intimately with the LORD see Him, hear Him, and know Him while the unsaved have no manifestations (no view, no word, no knowledge) of the LORD.John 14:19, 21-22John 14:21-23love God, intimacy, obedience
Those who keep the Word of the LORD - walking in obedience - out of a heart of love and devotion to the LORD will, as a matter of fact, experience an intimate relationship with Father and Son.John 14:23John 14:21-23love God, intimacy, obedience
Those Christ-followers who remain in an intimate love relationship with the Father (1) bearing much fruit, (2) asking and receiving, (3) doing what the LORD says, and (4) glorifying the Father will experience a joy like Jesus experienced in relation to the Father.John 15:11John 15:1-11joy, intimacy, obedience
Those who abide in Christ (intimately connected, unbroken fellowship, obedience, loving, surrender) and His Word abides in them (know the Word, in the Word, very familiar with the Word, honoring and doing the Word, receptive to the Word, submitted to the Word) may ask the Father for what they desire (thoroughly influenced by their relationship with Christ and impact of the Word) and what they ask will as a matter of fact BE.John 15:7John 15:1-27Prayer, God's Word, Intimacy
When Christ-followers continue to bear much fruit (fruit of the Spirit, righteousness, new believers with some 30 times, 60 times, and 100 times), the Father (Vinedresser) is indeed glorified.John 15:8John 15:8glorify God, fruit, intimacy
To remain in a love relationship with the LORD means one keeps the commands (actually doing what the LORD says) of the LORD - just as Jesus remained in a love relationship with the Father, doing what the Father told Him.John 15:9-10John 15:9-10love God, intimacy, obedience
Those religious leaders and institutions will "put out" or remove Christ-followers who have an intimate and powerful, obedient, faith-oriented walk with Jesus Christ - believers of the Word and doers of the Word.John 16:1-3John 16:1-33Persecution, Intimacy, Religion
Having a personal encounter with Jesus should SO FILL the heart with joy for that Christ-follower.John 16:22John 16:1-33Joy, Heart, Intimacy
It is the intimacy one has with the LORD in his spirit or inner man that impacts his life the most.2 Timothy 4:222 Timothy 4:19-22Inner Man, Intimacy