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Treasures for 'Integrity'

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God's servants would best be people of integrity.Psalm 41:12Psalm 41:12God's servants, integrity
Those pursing God's heart seek to be truth-speakers - void of deceit.Psalm 120:2Psalm 120:2Integrity, Seek God, Truth
God has always been concerned about the heart condition (leaning, devotion) of those who name His name.Proverbs 17:3Proverbs 17integrity, devotion, heart
Integrity and contentment are two outstanding virtues to pursue.Proverbs 30:7-9Proverbs 30contentment, virtues, integrity
The closer one's "doing" is to his "teaching" of God's Word the greater will be the impact he will have in this life.Acts 1:1Acts 1:1Integrity, Live Right, Teaching