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Treasures for 'Immediate Obedience'

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Those who would see the outcome of what God says are those who act today on what God says.Genesis 12:1-5Genesis 12:1-5God Speaks, Immediate Obedience, Those Who Trust God
Immediate obedience shows a heart of love and trust toward God by His people.Genesis 17:23Genesis 17:23Love God, Trust God, Immediate Obedience
That which God tells us is meant for us to apply by faith in real life today.Judges 13:23Judges 13:8-25Apply God\'s Word, Hearing God, Immediate Obedience
One's immediate (sensitive) obedience toward God can be the key to experiencing (doing) God's Word and will.Matthew 2:14Matthew 2:13-15Listen To God, Obedience, Immediate Obedience