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Treasures for 'Ignore God'

Those who reject or ignore God's Word spoken by His spokesperson will have to account to God for such.Deuteronomy 18:19Deuteronomy 18:19accountability, God's Word, Ignore God
Those who don't know God and His powerful works find it easy to ignore God's Word and do as they please.Judges 2:17-19Judges 2:17-19Ignorance, Ignore God, Self-centered
Leaving God and God's Word out of your daily life is spiritually detrimental.Judges 3:7Judges 3:7Apply God\'s Word, Hindrance, Ignore God
There are among God's people carnal (at best) or unsaved (at worst) ministers (representatives) of God who will sell themselves to the highest bidder or largest group of people - doing so without regard for God or God's will.Judges 18:3-4, Judges 18:19-20Judges 18:1-20Hired Servant, Ignore God, Ministers