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Treasures for 'Idols'

God may choose to provide fully for His chosen even in the midst of an idolatrous culture - on special occasion even by those worshipping idols.Genssis 45:16-21Genesis 45:1-28God Provides, Idolatrous Culture, Idols
God says offering sacrifices to idols is offering sacrifices to demons - evil spirits, deceptive fallen angels under Satan's dominion.Leviticus 17:7Leviticus 17:7Sacrifice, Demons, Idols
God's people are to recognize and acknowledge God is holy, set apart from all gods - no tangible or visible object can represent Him because He is Almighty God.Leviticus 19:4Leviticus 19:4God Is Holy, Idols, Idolatry
God commands and fully expects those who know Him to respect Him and His Word, serve Him singularly, and avoid entirely any recognition of or following after (in any way) any other god (idol, thought or object).Deuteronomy 6:13-16Deuteronomy 6:13-16God's Word, Idols, God Commands
Idolatry being practiced by somebody in the body of Christ must be sincerely and seriously dealt with in the body of Christ - (1) confront him to confirm the sin, (2) rebuke the sin, (3) restore and teach this one how to walk in one LORD.Deuteronomy 17:2-7Deuteronomy 17:1-7Confrontation, Teach, Idols
God's people are not to worship in any way idols of any kind.Deuteronomy 17:5-7Deuteronomy 17:5-7Idols, worship
The living God can do what no idol worshipper can do.Daniel 3:27-28Daniel 3:26-45God Works, Idols, Living God
People in idolatrous cultures worship idols without regard for Almighty God.Daniel 5:3-4Daniel 5:1-31Idolatrous Culture, Idols, Worship