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Treasures for 'Idolatrous Culture'

God may grant to some - early in their life - the grace gift of a fear toward Him with a commitment to godliness and with this grace the experience of being ostracized by an ungodly culture - all in preparation for fruitful ministry ahead.Genesis 37:1-2Genesis 37:1-8Grace, Faith, Idolatrous Culture
A Christ-follower - even in the position of being a purchased slave residing in an idolatrous culture - can be in the favor of God, a recipient of Divine presence, Divine power, and Divine providence. Genesis 39:1-6Genesis 39:1-6God's Presence, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
A chosen by God and faithful to God one can serve an idolatrous man or institution and be a recipient of God's presence, power, and providence. Genesis 39:1-6Genesis 39:1-6Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
One who knows about God, knows God experientially, and walks faithfully with God can be used by God - even if confined in an idolatrous culture.Genesis 40:1-8Genesis 40:1-23Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
Those faithful to and in close relationship with God in an idolatrous culture recognize and take opportunity to speak truth about God.Genesis 41:15-16Genesis 41:1-37Truth, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
God wants all peoples - even idol worshipping peoples - to know He acts independently and sovereignly so they can look to Him in faith.Genesis 41:25-32Genesis 41:1-37God Is Sovereign, Idolatrous Culture, Know God
God may well show mercy and grace to an idolatrous culture through which He is going to work part of His redemption work.Genesis 41:37Genesis 41:1-37Redemption, God's Works, Idolatrous Culture
When God chooses a man from among His people to be wise, faithful, and useful to preserve or carry forward His name - even in the midst of an idolatrous culture, He can and will do so.Genesis 41:38-44Genesis 41:38-57God's Work, Grace, Idolatrous Culture
By the purpose and favor of God toward a chosen, faithful follower, God can make his or her life fruitful and meaningful in a land of affliction - even an idolatrous culture.Genesis 41:52Genesis 41:38-57Fruitful, Idolatrous Culture, God's Favor
When no other means is available, those in the LORD may be led by God to purchase their food - do business with - from idol worshippers.Genesis 42:1-5Genesis 42:1-38Freedom, God's Will, Idolatrous Culture
Those in the LORD living among idolaters take opportunity to 'identify' with others in the LORD.Genesis 42:18Genesis 42:1-38Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture, Opportunity
Those in the LORD living and working in an idolatrous culture can still have a tender heart toward those who recognize the 'mess' or 'mistakes' they have made of their lives.Genesis 42:21-24Genesis 42:1-38Mercy, Idolatrous Culture, Identify
Some idolatrous cultures can be so skewed as to consider it an abomination to sit at a meal table and eat with a follower of Christ - one of God's chosen people.Genesis 43:32Genesis 43:1-34Abomination, Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture
Peoples in an idolatrous - false religion - culture may see themselves as 'above' or 'superior' to those who worship and obey God - so much so as to not even sit together to share a meal at the same table.Genesis 43:32Genesis 43:1-34Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Ostracized
Satan can so deceive those in idol worshipping religions - false religions - as to believe they are above or superior to those who worship and obey God.Genesis 43:32Genesis 43:1-34Idolatrous Culture, Obedience, Deceive
Sometimes it is God our Father who sends one of His faithful, chosen ones into an idolatrous culture - sending that one for His redemptive purposes.Genesis 45:7-8Genesis 45:1-28Faithful, Father, Idolatrous Culture
God may choose to provide fully for His chosen even in the midst of an idolatrous culture - on special occasion even by those worshipping idols.Genssis 45:16-21Genesis 45:1-28God Provides, Idolatrous Culture, Idols
God can provide for His people and they can experience His will even in the midst of an idolatrous culture.Genesis 47:27Genesis 47:1-31God Provides, God's Will, Idolatrous Culture
Idol worshippers are not without feelings - choosing to express sympathy in the death of a relative of a respected leader (even a God-fearing, God-sensitive, God-used one).Genesis 50:1-3Genesis 50:1-3Leaders, Death, Idolatrous Culture
The intellectual development and scientific knowledge of people of idol worshipping culture can serve God's purposes at times.Genesis 50:1-3Genesis 50:1-3God's Purposes, Idolatrous Culture, Knowledge
God's people working among an idolatrous culture can and should build a reputation of trust and integrity - standing out as such.Genesis 50:4-6Genesis 50:4-26God's Servants, Idolatrous Culture, Trust
Sexual perversion and homosexuality are abominations and have been among ungodly cultures from long ago.Leviticus 18:22-38Leviticus 18:22-38Idolatrous Culture, Sexual Immoralty, Homosexuality
God's people are not to be pluralistic in who or what they worship nor in how they worship.Deuteronomy 12:1-4Deuteronomy 12:1-9Idolatrous Culture, Worship Of God, Pluralistic
The vast majority of the world discourages the Christ-follower by declaring, "Your God cannot help you."Psalm 3:1-2Psalm 3:1-7Discouragement, Idolatrous Culture, World
By God's grace, godly (dedicated to God) young men can be educated in an idolatrous culture and foreign (to God-honoring) culture YET remain wholly dedicated to God - men with true, heart-level integrity.Daniel 1:1-21Daniel 1:1-21Dedicated, Godly, Idolatrous Culture
Those who love the LORD and are deeply dedicated (in heart) to Him may find themselves in a culture that is deeply idolatrous and operates in a totally different paradigm from that of a God-oriented (Truth, Bible) culture.Daniel 1:1-21Daniel 1:1-21Dedicated, Godly, Idolatrous Culture
Those who would live godly in a pagan culture must learn to make wise appeals based on God's leadership, Christ-honoring heart, and confidence in God's ways.Daniel 1:8-15Daniel 1:1-21Trust God, Godly, Idolatrous Culture
Those IN CHRIST in a pagan culture will set themselves apart from others due to their faithful heart toward God and commitment to live to honor God's name.Daniel 1:8-16Daniel 1:1-21Trust God, Godly, Idolatrous Culture
Kings in pagan and idolatrous cultures first seek spiritual counsel from the representatives of their dark, idolatrous religions - anybody but of the Light.Daniel 2:1-2Daniel 2:1-18Counsel, Darkness, Idolatrous Culture
Pagan and idolatrous cultures and their political leaders think nothing of human life - killing others at will.Daniel 2:12-13Daniel 2:1-18Life, Idolatrous Culture, Killing
Christ-followers in idolatrous cultures must be men of prayer - gathering for prayer.Daniel 2:14-18Daniel 2:1-18Prayer, Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture
It will be critically important for Christ-followers living in pagan or idolatrous cultures to exercise God-given wisdom in making appeals to obtain the right or opportunity to alternative (to the culture) choices or actions.Daniel 2:14-18Daniel 2:1-18Idolatrous Culture, Wisdom, Appeals
Those IN CHRIST walking in an intimate relationship with the LORD, even in an idolatrous culture, will recognize a God-appointed opportunity, courageously declare God's revelation (Truth), and point gloriously to God as their Source.Daniel 2:24-28Daniel 2:17-28Idolatrous Culture, Intimacy, Witness
Idolatrous people need to be introduced to the Living God of Heaven.Daniel 2:28-30, Daniel 2:37-38, Daniel 2:44-47Daniel 2:26-49Idolatrous Culture, Know God
Those Christ-followers God is using among an idolatrous culture - even serving the government - may be promoted to very high ranking positions due to the wisdom, character, and revelation(s) given them by God.Daniel 2:48-49Daniel 2:26-49Grace, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
It is simple and congruent for the LORD God to work in such ways as to astonish idol worshippers - even highly educated, governmental leaders.Daniel 3:23-25Daniel 3:19-25God's Work, Idolatrous Culture, LORD
God may grant prophetic dreams and visions to rulers in idolatrous cultures - though such rulers cannot understand the dreams or visions apart from God and His messengers.Daniel 3:28-30Daniel 3:26-45Idolatrous Culture, Messenger, Dreams
A faithful Christ-follower residing in an idolatrous culture can recognize the powerful, strong leader as one put in place by God, Himself.Daniel 3:36-38Daniel 3:26-45Leaders, God's Work, Idolatrous Culture
Some in idolatrous cultures - possibly even an educated, powerful leader - may publicly affirm God is God, Holy, Powerful, and Deliverer YET NOT let go of their other deities, gods, or their practices nor personally bow to Him in humility.Daniel 4:1-17Daniel 4:1-27Acknowledge God, Humility, Idolatrous Culture
Some in idolatrous cultures - possibly even an educated, powerful leader - may publicly affirm God is God, Holy, Powerful, and Deliverer YET NOT let go of their other deities, gods, or their practices nor personally bow to Him in humility.Daniel 4:1-17Daniel 4:1-27Acknowledge God, Humility, Idolatrous Culture
People in idolatrous cultures worship idols without regard for Almighty God.Daniel 5:3-4Daniel 5:1-31Idolatrous Culture, Idols, Worship
A faithful Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be highly rewarded and visible at one time yet quietly unknown at another time.Daniel 5:10-13, Daniel 2:48Daniel 5:1-31Faithful, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
Those faithfully standing IN CHRIST in idolatrous cultures have the freedom to accept rewards and gifts or humbly reject or ignore rewards and gifts.Daniel 5:16-17, Daniel 2:48Daniel 5:1-31Freedom, Idolatrous Culture, In Christ
Even a relatively forgotten, quite elderly, faithful servant of God in an idolatrous culture may be given an opportunity to speak again for God in public (maybe at the highest level) and by God's grace do so with boldness, truth, revelation, and humility.Daniel 5:22-28Daniel 5:17-31Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
A godly man can be true to God and in life's circumstances serve a leader in a high position in an idolatrous culture - the godly man being of excellent spirit, unquestioned integrity, and faithful execution of his responsibilities.Daniel 6:1-4Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
How can a God-honoring person carry on and even succeed while living in an idolatrous culture? Answer: this one's life is deeply dedicated to a disciplined prayer life, having a dynamic communion with God.Daniel 6:10Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Personal, private daily devotions to God should remain in place if not increase or intensify when a Christ-follower is under cultural pressure otherwise.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:8-13Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Communion
Even if a Christ-follower conforms to his local, idolatrous culture in many external ways (name change, clothing, language, housing, etc), his identify as belonging to God should remain true and known to those in the culture - even over many years (60 plus years in the case of Daniel).Daniel 6:13Daniel 6:8-13Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Those faithful IN CHRIST to honor God from their heart - who happen to be residing or working in an idolatrous culture - can be found expressing thanks and gratitude to God daily.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Thanksgiving
Those IN CHRIST living in honor of God daily - living in an idolatrous culture - find many people and situations to lift to the LORD daily.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Intercession
The private prayer and devotion time of a Christ-follower living in the midst of an idolatrous culture is quite likely very important - even essential - to him or her in order to continually honor God for all of daily life.Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:10-11Prayer, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Leaders in an idolatrous culture are likely to make decisions - public or private - from a self-centered point of view.Daniel 6:14Daniel 6:14-28Leaders, Idolatrous Culture, Self-centered
A faithful Christ-follower can work in a foreign and idolatrous culture and be (1) faithful to God and (2) carry out his work responsibilities with integrity.Daniel 6:22Daniel 6:14-28Obedience, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Regardless of the culture in which a Christ-follower lives, he is to trust God and do what God says.Daniel 6:23, Daniel 6:10-11Daniel 6:14-28Trust God, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Those IN CHRIST serving the LORD faithfully even in the midst of an idolatrous culture - may be given by God profoundly great messages which speak to generations about future people and events leading to the victorious return of Christ, Son of God.Daniel 7:1-14Daniel 7:1-14Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Revelation
Regardless of the idolatrous cultures that rise to power at various times in history or the future, God has those who are His by faith - His redeemed ones, saints.Daniel 7:18, Daniel 7:22-27Daniel 7:15-28Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, In Christ
In the future, idolatrous cultures will oppress, bring suffering to, and persecute God's saints, those IN CHRIST.Daniel 7:21-25Daniel 7:21-25Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Suffering
God will bring down all idolatrous kingdoms and one day put them to an end UNDER His kingdom, the kingdom belonging to the Ancient of Days.Daniel 7:22, Daniel 7:26-27Daniel 7:21-28Future, Idolatrous Culture, Kingdom Of God
The all-time enemy of God and His people always strives to suppress the Truth, God's Word.Daniel 8:12Daniel 8:1-27Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Satan
Christ-followers living in idolatrous cultures must hold on to God's Word, Truth.Daniel 8:12Daniel 8:1-27Faithful, God's Word, Idolatrous Culture
Leaders of idolatrous and evil cultures can most often be characterized by abundant pride and corruption and actively oppressing God's people - all energized by and at the instigation of Satan.Daniel 8:24-25, 2 Thessalonians 2:9Daniel 8:1-27Leaders, Oppression, Idolatrous Culture
Those who live faithfully unto the LORD - living among an idolatrous culture - would do well to study God's Word with (1) prayer and fasting, (2) trust and obedience, and (3) humbly out of love.Daniel 9:2-3Daniel 9:1-4Faithful, God's Word, Idolatrous Culture
The very faithful to the LORD among a generally disobedient nation may well suffer God's judgment along with the unfaithful.Daniel 9:4-19Daniel 9:1-19Judgment, Idolatrous Culture, Suffer
The faithful (wholly committed to the LORD) remnant from among an otherwise unfaithful people will be the ones led by God to humble themselves, confess the sins of all, and intercede to the LORD to give mercy to all under His name.Daniel 9:4-19Daniel 9:1-19Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Intercession
The LORD may lead a small group of fully of fully dedicated followers surrounded by an idolatrous culture to engage in a corporate prayer and fasting event. Daniel 10:7-8Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Idolatrous Culture, Surrender
The burdens or pressures for a fully dedicated Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be so great as to call for extended times of prayer and fasting - especially by one highly educated, highly positioned.Daniel 10:1-9Daniel 10:1-12Christ-followers, Dedication, Idolatrous Culture
Those IN CHRIST who would live a God-honoring faithful life - whether in the midst of an idolatrous culture or other - are involved in a spiritual war - - - a war being waged in the invisible or spiritual realm with overflow into the visible, material realm.Daniel 10:10-21Daniel 10:10-21Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Spiritual Warfare
A faithful Christ-follower amidst an idolatrous culture can be an encourager to others, even to one's employer or governor.Daniel 11:1Daniel 11:1-20Encourage, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Leaders of idolatrous cultures can have a "heart bent on evil."Daniel 11:27-31Daniel 11:21-35Evil, Idolatrous Culture, Sin Nature
Idol worshippers can become so distorted in their view of reality as to exalt themselves above their idols, deceiving themselves and others that they are supreme.Daniel 11:36-37Daniel 11:36-45Deceit, False Worship, Idolatrous Culture
The arch enemy of God and man will prompt the idol worshipping, evil nations under this influence to rise in war with huge human casualties.Daniel 11:36-45Daniel 11:36-45Enemy, Idolatrous Culture, Spiritual Warfare