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Treasures for 'Humble'

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A character quality of a humble man God has greatly “grace gifted” is the ability to be transparent with those he encounters along the way.Genesis 40:14-15Genesis 40:14-15Humble, Transparency, Believer's Character
God humbles His people so they will learn to (1) follow His guidance, (2) live according to His Word and His ways, and (3) experience His sustaining grace.Deuteronomy 8:2-3Deuteronomy 8:1-6God's Grace, God's Work, Humble
Because we are of God's choosing, all IN CHRIST should humble themselves before Him.Deuteronomy 10:16Deuteronomy 10:14-16God Chooses, Humble, In Christ
God's preferred man to work with is the humble man who will listen to the LORD and do what the LORD says do.Judges 6:14-16Judges 6:14-24Humble, God Works, Yielding
Between two friends IN CHRIST, one can humbly and honestly say to the other, "If I've sinned, tell me."1 Samuel 20:81 Samuel 20:8Family Of God, Humble, Sensitive To Sin
Those who humbly trust in God will find Him a Refuge in troubled places and troubled times.Psalm 9:9-10Psalm 9:9-10Humble, Refuge, Those Who Trust God
Those who remain humble before the LORD will know a calm and peace of heart regardless of circumstances.Psalm 131:1-3Psalm 131:1-3Circumstances, Humble, Peace
The LORD makes Himself known to the humble who seek Him.Psalm 138:6Psalm 138:6Experience God, Humble, Seek God
God seems to go to great measures at times in the lives of selected ones to break their pride and reveal through the breaks Truth regarding Who He is and His sovereign dominion over heaven and earth.Daniel 4:34-37Daniel 4:28-37Pride, God Reigns, Humble
No matter how great and powerful a geo-political leader God can humble them "into the grass" and even reveal Himself to them that they speak genuinely of God and His supreme reign over all.Daniel 4:34-37Daniel 4:28-37Humble, Pride, God Reigns
God gives grace with faith to the humble.Matthew 15:27-28, James 4:6Matthew 15:21-28God's Grace, Faith, Humble
Greatness in the kingdom of God is manifest in humble service to others.Matthew 20:25-28Matthew 20:25-28Humble, Kingdom Of God, Serve One Another
Christ's presence humbles the greatest of His servants.Mark 1:7Mark 1:7humble, Christ's presence, spiritual leaders
Those who really believe Jesus - is who He is - humbly approach Him.Mark 5:21-23Mark 5:21-23trust Jesus, faith, humble
He who humbles himself unto the LORD the LORD will exalt - in God's time and in God's way.Luke 18:14Luke 18:14Almighty God, Humility, Humble
Sometimes Christ-followers are to move about IN THE WILL OF GOD unannounced or quietly, behind the scenes.John 7:10John 7:10Humble, Obedience, Unannounced
Asking is humbling - reveals humility in the heart and expresses dependency upon God.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14humble, ask, prayer
Those who are mighty in the Scriptures (much knowledge and understanding) need to be teachable before God so He can release more to them so He can use them more in building up the body of Christ.Acts 18:24-28Acts 18:24-28Humble, Receptive To God's Word, Teachable
From THIS GLORY Jesus humbled Himself and submitted to death on the cross to save some unto God.1 Timothy 6:15-16, Philippians 2:7-81 Timothy 6:14-16humble, Jesus Christ