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Treasures for 'Hired Servant'

A bondservant of the LORD is one who (1) knows the LORD bought him, (2) willingly surrenders to the LORD, (3) sacrificially loves the LORD, (4) gladly works for the LORD, (5) realizes he prospers as a servant, and (6) doesn't want to leave the LORD for any reason - and thus, is worth multiples of hired servants.Deuteronomy 15:16-18Deuteronomy 15:16-23God's Servants, Bondservant, Hired Servant
There are among God's people carnal (at best) or unsaved (at worst) ministers (representatives) of God who will sell themselves to the highest bidder or largest group of people - doing so without regard for God or God's will.Judges 18:3-4, Judges 18:19-20Judges 18:1-20Hired Servant, Ignore God, Ministers