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Treasures for 'Hardships'

The difficulties and hardships Christ-followers experience today are quite likely the training grounds for the next assignment from God.Genesis 39:21-23, Genesis 39:2-4, Genesis 41:38-44Genesis 39:20-23Character, God's Will, Hardships
God uses difficult situations and hardships to further develop character, knowledge, and skills in the life of those (even faithful ones) He is using or He will be using.Genesis 39:20, Genesis 37:28, Genesis 37:36Genesis 39:20-23Character, God's Will, Hardships
When the people are frustrated, confused, or suffering hardships, spiritual leaders must take the people to God's Word - remind them of God's promises.Exodus 6:1-8Exodus 6:1-8God's Word Open, Hardships, Spiritual Leaders
In times of rebellion toward God, He allows His own to experience "hard times" in order that they turn to Him in repentance and faith.Psalm 60:3Psalm 60:3Rebellious People, Hardships, Repentance