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Treasures for 'Guidance'

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Some changes or 'moves' are forced on us and work together as part of God's plan.1 Chronicles 8:6-71 Chronicles 8guidance, change, providence
The sayings, actions, and teachings of Jesus Christ were told Him - spoken to Him - by the Father, God.John 12:49-50John 12:49-50guidance, communion with God, revelation
The guidance of the Holy Spirit is an indispensable Asset in receiving and knowing God's Truth, Word.John 16:13-15John 16:1-33God's Word, Guidance, Holy Spirit
For Christ-followers, the Holy Spirit is our Helper and Guide - guiding us to know God's truth and guiding us to know the things yet future.John 16:7, 13-15John 16:7, 13-15guidance, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit
The revelations, declarations, leadership, and guidance of the Holy Spirit are essential (not optional) to each Christ-follower to knowing and doing God's will.John 16:12-15John 16:12-15guidance, Christ-followers, Holy Spirit