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Treasures for 'Gratitude'

God is always open to Christ-followers offering themselves freely and holy out of gratitude to do His will.Leviticus 22:29Leviticus 22:29Freewill Offering, Gratitude, Surrender To God
When those IN CHRIST realize the magnitude of the mercy and grace extended to them personally by God through Christ, they may well respond by giving to the LORD a correspondingly huge freewill offering.Numbers 31:50-54Numbers 31:50-54God's Mercy, Freewill Offering, Gratitude
Gratitude to God is expressed in worship with offerings, praises, prayer, publicly, and with spiritual leaders present.Deuteronomy 26:1-20Deuteronomy 26:1-20praise, gratitude, worship
All believers would do well to express gratitude to God - with an offering of some kind - for the salvation He has granted in fulfilling His Word.Deuteronomy 26:3-10Deuteronomy 26:3-10Freewill Offering, Gratitude, Personal Salvation
A Spirit-led servant of God will express gratitude toward someone God inspires to care for him.2 Kings 4:10-172 Kings 4Spirit-led, gratitude, caring