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Treasures for 'Grace'

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God may grant to some - early in their life - the grace gift of a fear toward Him with a commitment to godliness and with this grace the experience of being ostracized by an ungodly culture - all in preparation for fruitful ministry ahead.Genesis 37:1-2Genesis 37:1-8Grace, Faith, Idolatrous Culture
Those God graces with management or leadership abilities can exercise it in whatever setting they find themselves.Genesis 39:21-23, Genesis 39:2-4Genesis 39:20-23Grace, Faithful, Leadership
When God chooses a man from among His people to be wise, faithful, and useful to preserve or carry forward His name - even in the midst of an idolatrous culture, He can and will do so.Genesis 41:38-44Genesis 41:38-57God's Work, Grace, Idolatrous Culture
God chooses to make a few among His faithful to be very wise and able leaders at the early age of thirty.Genesis 41:46Genesis 41:38-57Grace, Leaders, Faithful
One who takes lightly God's grace upon grace by disobeying the LORD again may find a high price is to be paid.1 Kings 20:13-43 key 421 Kings 20grace, cost, disobedience
God gives grace to some genealogical lines - more in one line than another - to do what is right in His eyes.1 Chronicles 3:9-161 Chronicles 3God's ways, grace, righteousness
To purpose in one's heart to honor God - God's Word, God's ways - is a potent driving force when energized by God's grace and will.Daniel 1:8-17Daniel 1:1-21Purpose, Dedication, Grace
God's grace plus God-honoring heart commitment can serve a Christ-follower well.Daniel 1:20Daniel 1:20dedication, grace, commitment
Those Christ-followers God is using among an idolatrous culture - even serving the government - may be promoted to very high ranking positions due to the wisdom, character, and revelation(s) given them by God.Daniel 2:48-49Daniel 2:26-49Grace, God Works, Idolatrous Culture
God gives some of His faithful ones superior wisdom, humble spirit, and Spirit-led boldness along with favor by national leaders.Daniel 5:11-12, 26-29Daniel 5:11-31wisdom, grace, favor
God grants understanding into the revelations He grants His servants - understanding is at various levels, not always to full clarity of a word.Daniel 9:22-23Daniel 9:20-27Grace, God's Word, Revelation
Understanding the Word of God is a gift from God.Daniel 9:22Daniel 9:22grace, God's Word, understanding
God does not give His Holy Spirit to believers in measure - 1/2, 1/3, 3/4, 2/3 - but in full, whole, entirely, completely.John 3:34John 3:1-36Believers, Grace, Holy Spirit
Salvation from sins is by God's grace and certain to all who receive Jesus Christ.John 6:35-40, John 6:44John 6:1-71Grace, Salvation, Assurance
Those who have received life-impacting mercy and grace from God have a keen opportunity to surrender the rest of their life under His Lordship.John 8:2-11John 8:1-59Grace, Lordship, Surrender
Those IN CHRIST should thank the LORD for (1) His mercy (having been at enmity), (2) His grace and favor - being beyond numbering or over the top toward them, (3) His imparting ability to fulfill His will, (4) His considering them trustworthy, (5) His appointing each one a role and responsibility of service and all this accompanied by a supply of faith toward Him and love for Him and others.1 Timothy 1:12-141 Timothy 1:12-14grace, thankful, ministry
Those IN CHRIST who place themselves under Christ as LORD will know His grace, His mercy, and His peace.2 Timothy 1:22 Timothy 1:1-3grace, Lord, in Christ
It is God's grace or favor toward a Christ-follower that really makes him or advances him in being more Christlike and in doing God's will.2 Timothy 4:222 Timothy 4:19-22Grace, Christ-followers, Christ-likeness
Those IN CHRIST were saved (as a matter of fact) (1) through the kindness and love of God in Jesus Christ, (2) according to God's mercy, (3) not on the basis of works (deeds) of righteousness they practiced, (4) through the bathing or washing that came with regeneration (recreation, new birth), (5) through the renewing (to make fresh, new or complete change for the better) accomplished by the Holy Spirit, (6) have been justified (legally declared righteous), and (7) become heirs (sonship) based on the hope of eternal life.Titus 3:4-7Titus 3:4-7grace, salvation, Christ-followers